Building an Unstoppable Brand – Jeffrey Perlman


A step-by-step system for building a brand so powerful, its impact becomes inevitable

Every brand big and small has a soul.

And its turning point happens when you, the brand’s custodian, uncover that soul: and channel it into what Jeffrey calls market resonance.

When your brand has market resonance, it doesn’t just have customers: it has devotees.

When your brand has market resonance, it doesn’t just offer products or services: it offers an identity that people rally to.

When your brand has market resonance, it doesn’t just have goals and objectives: its very existence inspires new ways of thinking, of living, and even a new world.

In Building an Unstoppable Brand program, you master every step of creating market resonance for your brand through practical tools you can apply for instant company-wide breakthroughs. Including:

  • Your brand’s most authentic identity, so you know deeply and intuitively what your brand should look and feel like, beyond just the superficial aspects like logo, colors, and fonts.
  • Your brand’s architecture, so you can start cutting out all the unnecessary projects and distractions that dilute your brand – and instead create a rock-solid brand experience.
  • Your brand’s essence, which clarifies the deepest emotions and frequencies your brand creates in people, and that keeps them instinctively coming back to it.
  • Your brand’s universe: the new world and model of reality shaped by your brand, and that your brand devotees choose to live in every day.

About Jeffrey Perlman, creator of Building an Unstoppable Brand

Portrait of Jeffrey PerlmanJeffrey Perlman is a Brand Architect, Chief Strategy Officer of Mindvalley, and the former CMO of Zumba Fitness: a major global fitness movement valued at $550 million.

Zumba started as a tiny direct response company in 2006. By 2012, Jeffrey and his team had grown it into the world’s largest branded fitness program, serving 15 million weekly participants in 186 countries.

After Zumba, Jeffrey joined Mindvalley in 2017. Since then we have doubled in sales every year, created curriculums for the education, governmental, and corporate spheres, and become the world’s largest personal growth company with millions of students worldwide.

Jeffrey’s branding mastery was and continues to be instrumental in all these outcomes and more.

Building an Unstoppable Brand marks the first time Jeffrey is sharing the entirety of his signature branding approach with the Mindvalley community: making this program an excellent opportunity for any entrepreneur or professional looking to master branding with one of the world’s best.

Trainer credentials
  • Jeffrey’s global marketing initiatives, creative direction, and business development at Zumba earned it the title of Inc. Magazine’s 2012 Company of the Year.
  • Global media brand Ad Age once labeled Jeffrey’s brands as “cults”, due to the deep devotion and engagement he inspires in both customers and team members.
  • In addition to Zumba and Mindvalley, Jeffrey has worked with many international founders, CEOs, and brands: including The Art of Living Foundation, Goalcast, Purity Coffee, and LivePerson, the world’s first AI-powered conversational cloud.

What you’ll gain from Building an Unstoppable Brand

  1. Build your game-changing brand

    No matter your current size, budget, or brand building experience in the present: you’ll master all the tools and strategies you need to rapidly ascend your business, product, or movement into a world-class brand to be reckoned with.

  2. Become an iconic presence in your field

    By tracing Jeffrey’s steps for engineering and positioning your brand, you’ll build a sticky, memorable, and iconic presence that towers over your competitors and becomes widely known for the outcomes only you can deliver.

  3. Make better business decisions

    At work, you’ll experience a rapid decline in guesswork and missteps. Because as you build your Unstoppable Brand, you’ll find the essence of the brand guiding you towards better decisions in every area: including hiring, partnerships, marketing, and product development.

  4. Drive lightning-fast (yet sustainable) growth

    As it solidifies, your brand will equip you with the clarity and disposition to rapidly grow your organization in the right direction. Whether you’re expanding your team, your production, or your service offerings: brand-aligned growth carries far less risk and far greater rewards.

  5. Cultivate a world-class company culture

    Your company culture is an integral part of your brand: and you’ll gain the tools and frameworks to cultivate one that attracts and retains the best talent, maximizes productivity and collaboration, and turns even your team members into raving fans.

  6. Expand your influence and impact

    An Unstoppable Brand becomes capable of far more than just great sales and retention: it can also be a force for good. You’ll discover how to leverage your brand to nurture empowering new identities in your customers, team members, and allies – and help create better human beings.

  7. Greater personal mastery and self-awareness

    As the owner or custodian of your Unstoppable Brand, you’ll also gain a deeper mastery of yourself, your own values and mission, and how you fit into your brand’s story. This is how your brand’s growth also becomes yours.

  8. Develop your personal brand

    The principles of crafting an Unstoppable Brand on an organizational level are almost fully transferable to yourself. Use them to grow your own personal brand, and in turn your income, your network, and your impact.

The Curriculum

Explore The Building an Unstoppable Brand curriculum

Building an Unstoppable Brand is a 15-day online program for business owners, marketing professionals, and brand custodians of all levels who want to build a brand that delivers extraordinary growth, impact, and influence.

Your guide on this journey is leading Brand Architect Jeffrey Perlman. And on each day you’ll join him for a bite-sized video lesson that delivers big breakthroughs in every aspect of his signature approach to branding mastery.

As you move through the program, you’ll gain eye-opening clarity on what your brand really stands for.

You’ll get actionable tools you can use right away to revolutionize customer engagement and loyalty.

And you’ll even master the art of building a brand that transcends the limits of business, as it becomes an integral part of people’s lives and even the culturescape.

Your Unstoppable Brand begins with an eye-opening understanding of what a brand really is (and isn’t). You’ll explore the key factors that separate Unstoppable Brands from regular ones, and the exact steps your brand must transition through to become a force so powerful, it can reshape reality.

Highlights include:

  • The no. 1 innocent mistake that cripples 99% of brands: if you’ve ever worked with a branding agency, followed an expert’s advice, or used market research to grow your brand – chances are you’ve done it too.
  • The Brand Inevitability test: take this test to get an instant and accurate insight into your brand’s current state of health: and what you can do right now to set it free.
  • The 3 levels of branding mastery: most businesses are stuck on the first level, many successful ones are on the second, but only an elite few ever reach the third.
  • Uncovering your brand’s unique gift: use this exploratory exercise to gain deep clarity on the most magnetic, unique, and impactful offering your brand can deliver – and that turns customers into lifelong devotees.
  • And much more.

Bonuses included when you join today

Bonus #1:

The science of design (video lesson)

Join Jeffrey for a bonus deep dive into great design: and how to form a relationship between your customers and your brand by building strong neural pathways every time they encounter it. You’ll explore the two main principles of great design, how you can shape your copy, logo, and style based on those principles, and other design techniques you can apply to instantly upgrade any brand or product.

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Bonus #2:

How to hire and direct your designer (video lesson)

Designers are key players in your brand’s growth: but they can often also be challenging to hire, manage, and retain. Here you’ll discover Jeffrey’s systems and strategies for optimal designer collaboration, so you can give them the best platform to create multimedia brand assets that sing.

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Bonus #3:

The main elements of your brand (video lesson)

In addition to working with designers, it’s also vital you develop your own mastery of the visual elements that shape your brand: including copy, logo, symbology, and photography. In this bonus lesson you’ll learn how to both envision and evaluate these visual elements: even if design is not your natural strong point.

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Bonus #4:

Designing a perfect set (Q&A session)

If your business involves presentations or video content of any kind, this recorded Q&A session with Jeffrey and Mindvalley Creative Head Chee Ling Wong will give you the tools and techniques to upgrade them for far greater quality and brand alignment. You’ll gain the set design strategies Mindvalley uses to record world-class Quests and Masterclasses, without the need for exorbitant setups or large film teams.

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