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How To Transform And Manipulate Your Body’s Energy Systems To Create Faster Healing And Be In Tune With Your Own Natural Healing Energies

To the individual who wants to reclaim ownership over their health and wellness…

Are you in urgent search of physical, emotional, or spiritual healing?

Are you tired of the crippling limitations and potential harm often imposed on you by Modern Western Medicine?

And do you believe it’s possible that the key to a long lifetime of wellness is already inside you, just waiting to be discovered?

Today, more and more people around the world – doctors and medical professionals included – have begun to tap into an incredible source of natural healing that exists within the human body itself.

This phenomenon is known as energy healing – and once you discover the simple steps to harnessing your personal energetic systems, you too will gain the remarkable ability to heal yourself. Relieve pain. Restore your vitality. And return to a state of blissful energetic balance – all in just minutes a day.

Now is the time to awaken the energy healer in you.

The Fastest, Easiest Path To Awakening Your Body’s Natural Healing Systems

Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine program guides you through arguably the most complete, accessible, and transformational energy healing framework available today.

Donna is a renowned healer whose gifts have been extensively recognized by both scientific and alternative branches of healthcare. And through this program, she intends to reconnect even more people with the natural healing systems that exist within each of us.

What makes Donna’s approach to energy healing so different than anything else out there is her easy-to-follow and holistic approach, which empowers you to take charge of the nine unique energetic systems within your body – and harness each of them for deep physical, emotional, and spiritual healing:

  1. Meridians
  2. Chakras
  3. Aura
  4. Radiant Circuits
  5. Triple Warmer
  6. Celtic Weave
  7. Five Rhythms
  8. Electrics
  9. Basic Grid

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Donna Eden, Creator Of Energy Medicine

Donna Eden was born with a gift. That gift is the ability to see a person’s energies – the invisible forces that animate the human body. While there are some people who can simply see Chakras, Donna can see 8 additional systems. However, Donna never used knew she could use these gifts to facilitate healing until her late 20s…

At the age of 27, she was suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and could not move her muscles. She was told by 5 physicians that her organs were breaking down, Western medicine could do nothing more, and she should get her “affairs” in order. This was when she started to take matters into her own hands , and began experimenting with her body’s energies. She discovered that she could manipulate the energies that were at the root of her illness, and she eventually healed herself.

Soon it became clear to her that her life’s mission was to make Energy Medicine available to anyone and everyone.

For the past 40 years, Donna has been relentlessly proclaiming, teaching, and demonstrating that our bodies are, in essence, but a collection of energy systems and that there are ways to naturally and systematically reclaim our health and vitality. Donna shares her experiences with Energy Medicine in many of her books, including the New York Times bestseller: ‘The Energies of Love.’.

Today Donna is the leading proponent of Energy Medicine in America, and together with her husband, David Feinstein, Ph.D

. (pioneer in Energy Psychology), they run the world’s largest Energy Medicine school. More than 100,000 people have attended their classes (including physicians, nurses, and other mainstream health professionals), and this is just the beginning…

Trainer Credentials

  • Donna has been instrumental in bringing energy healing to public consciousness, touching millions of lives through her classes, media appearances and bestselling books.
  • She serves on the faculty of Energy Medicine University, a private medical institution in Sausalito, California.
  • Founder of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification, upon which the Energy Medicine program is based.

What You’ll Learn

  1. Discover A New Way To Heal:

    You’ll gain a powerful lifelong ally on your healing journey, which serves as an effective and natural complement to your regular illness, disease, and pain treatments.

  2. Transform Your Health & Wellbeing:

    Discover how to communicate with your body and intuitively understand its needs – so you can elevate your overall health, and look and feel better than ever.

  3. Reconnect With Your Energy Body:

    Go beyond your physical body, explore your energetic systems and patterns, and reconnect with the pure essence of who you are as a unique individual.

  4. Strengthen Your Immunity:

    Harness your energetic systems to naturally improve your immunity towards diseases, illnesses, and the chemicals and pollutants surrounding you.

  5. Recover Faster:

    Learn how to detect energetic blocks, distress signals, and stress triggers that slow down your healing process – so you can rapidly recover and return to optimal health.

  6. Heal From Illness:

    Use Energy Medicine to find and remove specific energetic blocks that trigger illness. This allows you to heal, alleviate symptoms, and even completely heal the illness in question.

  7. Live Longer & Better:

    By amplifying your energetic vibrancy and removing your energetic blocks and stress triggers, you’re setting yourself up for a longer lifespan filled with vitality and wellness.

  8. Look & Feel Younger:

    Discover how to energetically slow down your mind and body’s aging process, and even reverse premature aging caused by your lifestyle, stress, or illness.

The Curriculum

Explore The Energy Medicine Curriculum

The Energy Medicine program is a transformational journey towards awakening your body’s natural healing ability.

With Donna Eden as your guide, you’ll discover how to master your body’s energy systems, correct energetic blocks and weaknesses, and become an effective Energy Medicine practitioner in just eight weeks – even if you’ve never practiced energy healing in your life.

Included in the curriculum is a set of immersive video lessons and Q&As with Donna, plus 50+ exclusive energetic tools that Donna and her husband David only ever teach at their live workshops: all spread out over eight easy-to-follow chapters that take just minutes a day.

Available on your Personal Computer, Tablet, Smartphone & Apple TV


Using Energy Medicine to Fuel your Vitality

You’ll get ready for this journey by hearing what your body is telling you and accepting where you are at – RIGHT NOW — as the first step on your pathway to greater vitality. Donna and David will describe the nine energy systems at the heart of Eden Energy Medicine, and preview the energy systems that you will learn about in forthcoming chapters. This first chapter introduces you to the practical application of Energy Medicine principles. Watch as Donna and David energy test individuals to discover more about the flow of energy through key meridians. Based on the results that you can see, Donna then shows three different ways to activate, strengthen, and rebalance the flow. You can follow along and tune up your awareness of energy flow in your own body. By the end of this chapter, you will be integrating some of these simple, yet surprisingly powerful Energy Medicine techniques in your own Daily Energy Routine.

Highlights include:

  • As you learn your body’s ‘energy language’, you can become better attuned to its signals and needs.
  • You can influence the energies that flow through your body to encourage your own health.
  • Learn how your energies affect the energies of others.
  • Do short, simple exercises for an immediate energy boost.
  • A Daily Energy Routine can build your long-term resilience and vitality. As your body learns healthy energy habits, you are less likely to fall prey to negativity and depression.

Exercises for the week:

  • Trace Stomach meridian
  • Tapping the K-27 points
  • Tapping stomach points
  • Wayne Cook Posture and Alternative
  • The Daily Energy Routine
  • Energy Medicine Dance

Daily Energy Routine For The Entire 8 Weeks:

This routine is the key exercise that you will be practicing everyday throughout the 8 weeks to break the barriers between you and the healthy balance of energies that fuels your vitality and potential. Your DER will include…

  • The Crossover Shoulder Pull
  • The Four Thumps
  • The Cross Crawl
  • The Wayne Cook Posture and Alternative
  • The Crown Pull
  • The Neurolymphatic Clearing
  • The Zip-up
  • The Hook-up


Clearing, Grounding and Balancing Your Energies

Energy Medicine techniques can help you counteract the effects of stress, build resilience, and open up to the positive energies of what you want to bring into your life. In this session, you will learn several very effective ways to achieve these results: Clearing your energetic pathways; grounding yourself, and freeing your system of toxins. This will enable you to take in nurturing energies from the Earth, to receive the energies of the Heaven, and to center yourself in this invigorating flow.

Highlights include:

  • Learn more about how the Daily Energy Routine builds physical health, mental clarity, and emotional balance.
  • Practice techniques to clear energy blocks and release excess energies or toxins.
  • Use short, simple exercises to center and calm yourself energetically.
  • How to ground your energies, and align them with the magnetic field and supportive energies of the Earth.
  • How to recognize and correct a homolateral energy pattern that can sap your health, productivity, and joy.

Exercises for the week:

  • The Daily Energy Routine
  • Holding Neurovascular reflex points
  • The Blow Out
  • Spoon Your Feet
  • Smooth Energy Down Your Legs
  • Homolateral Repatterning
  • Connecting Heaven and Earth
  • Energy Medicine Dance


Relieving Stress with Triple Warmer and Spleen Meridians

This session explores the effects of stress on your energies, mind, body, and spirits. Learn about the Meridian Flow Wheel, a practical tool for understanding how meridians work as a connected system. Learn why maintaining a healthy balance between Triple Warmer and Spleen meridians can prevent or minimize the impact of stress. Follow along as Donna and David demonstrate a range of Energy Medicine tools to re-balance meridians, reprogram your response to stress, and accelerate your journey to vitality and joy.

Highlights include:

  • How the meridian system works to fuel your body and your vitality.
  • How meridians recharge naturally through the day, and what this cycle of energy flow means to your health.
  • How Triple Warmer and Spleen meridians act and interact to protect you and respond to stress.
  • Consequences of Triple Warmer ‘on overdrive’.
  • Simple, practical exercises to relax Triple Warmer, to strengthen Spleen, and to restore their healthy balance.

Exercises for the week:

  • The Daily Energy Routine
  • Triple Warmer Smoothie
  • Tracing TW Meridian Backwards
  • Sedating Triple Warmer Meridian
  • Flushing Spleen Meridian
  • Tapping Spleen Neurolymphatic Reflex Points
  • Cross My Heart
  • Triple Warmer/Spleen Hug
  • Energy Medicine Dance


Using Energy Tests to Make Healthy Choices

Energy testing is a tool that can help you find out if a particular food or supplement is in harmony with your body’s energies. In Week 4, you will use energy testing to identify foods, supplements, and personal items (like jewelry), that support your health, vitality, and fullest expression of potential. This is going to be fun, as throughout the week you’ll be energy testing – sometimes turning your body into a dowsing rod – to learn what works for YOU, and help keep your body’s energies in balance.

Highlights include:

  • Energy meridian testing is a highly informative biofeedback mechanism that can show the flow and current function of your body’s energies.
  • How you or another person can prepare for and conduct tests of your energies (several techniques are available to you).
  • How to test the flow of your energies before and after an energy exercise to validate the impact of this work.
  • How energy tests using Spleen meridian can help you check which foods and supplements support your health (in general and in real time, meal-by-meal).
  • Self-testing methods to detect your own energetic response to clothing or other items you are considering for purchase.

Exercises for the week:

  • The Daily Energy Routine
  • The General Indicator Test
  • The Spleen Meridian Energy Test
  • The Pendulum Self Test
  • Self Test With Weights
  • Self Test With Leg Press
  • Valve Reset
  • Free the Diaphragm
  • Energy Medicine Dance


Working With Pain

No one is immune to pain. It can be a major barrier on the road to greater health and vitality. It can also be an ally and important messenger. In this session, Donna and David explore how pain relates to the flow of your body’s energies. They also give you a number of very effective Energy Medicine techniques and ‘first-aid’ tools to relieve or clear pain

Highlights include:

  • What is pain, and what is it telling you?
  • How Energy Medicine relieves pain.
  • Simple Energy Medicine “first aid” tools.
  • How the mind moves energy and affects pain.
  • Stretching and pinching muscles to relieve pain.
  • Tapping, holding, or pressing energy points to move pain out.
  • Using magnets to relieve pain.

Exercises for the week:

  • The Daily Energy Routine
  • Siphoning energy or tracing Figure 8s
  • Counter-clockwise pain clearing
  • Breathing out the pain
  • Stretching and pinching muscles
  • Zone Tapping
  • Sedating meridians with acupoints
  • Headache isometric
  • Pain Chasing
  • Using magnets to relieve pain
  • Energy Medicine Dance


The Chakras

Chakras are spiraling wheels of energy that encode and process physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual experiences. The 7 main chakras spin in front of the spine from the pubic bone to the top of the head. Because they store memories, the chakras can influence your sense of identity and affect your response to current experience.

Chakra energies play important physical, psychological, and spiritual roles in supporting health and vitality. Undigested experience (including emotional reactions) can become lodged in specific chakras and block healthy flow and further growth. In this session, you will work with the Chakra system to clear deep energetic blocks, release the past, and open your way to a renewed future.

Highlights include:

  • How meridians interact with chakras.
  • Physical, psychological, and spiritual functions of the chakras.
  • Primary themes of the major chakras, and how they affect vitality and personal potential.
  • How do chakra layers work?
  • Energy testing individual chakras.
  • Simple methods to clear and recharge the energies of each chakra.
  • Testing and balancing energetic connections between chakras.

Exercises for the week:

  • The Daily Energy Routine
  • Tracing your meridians
  • Testing individual chakras
  • Quickie Energy Balance
  • Clearing and recharging each of the 7 main chakras
  • Testing and connecting pairs of chakras
  • Taking Down the Flame
  • Energy Medicine Dance


The Aura – Your Energetic Space Suit

Your aura is a multi-layered ‘cloud’ of energy that surrounds you and plays an important role in integrating and aligning your energy systems. Your aura serves two major functions: As your invisible spacesuit, it protects you from energies in the environment that might harm you. As an antenna, it pulls in resonant energies that support and harmonize all the energies in your body.

Disturbances in your aura can lead to health problems or to simply feeling out of it. These disturbances can be corrected with simple exercises. As you strengthen your shield against harmful influences and your Aura’s ability to take in what you need, you may experience surprising improvements in your physical, emotional, and spiritual balance. A strong Aura promotes and protects your energetic integrity, and can optimize your connection to the Universe around you.

Highlights include:

  • What is the Aura and why is it important?
  • Aura as space suit — protecting you from harmful energies.
  • Aura as antenna — connecting you with supportive energies.
  • Aura as blueprint for your development.
  • The layers and bands of the Aura.
  • What happens when the aura is damaged or unhealthy?
  • How to test and correct a collapsed or detached aura.
  • Checking and correcting for holes and tears in your aura.
  • Protecting your energies from the influence of others.
  • More ways to care for your aura.

Exercises for the week:

  • The Daily Energy Routine
  • Test for a collapsed or detached aura
  • The Butterfly and Reverse Butterfly
  • The Celtic Weave
  • Rebuilding the aura with magnets or crystals
  • Pushing or fluffing your aura
  • Zip-up Central Meridian
  • Energy Medicine Dance


Radiant Circuits – The Energies of Vitality & Joy

Radiant Circuits are subtle energies that produce higher states of happiness, spontaneity, accelerated healing, and the extra energy that fuels exceptional performance and joy. They are more ancient (in terms of evolution) than the meridians, and are not confined to fixed pathways. Instead, they move instantly where needed with a radiant glow that attracts vital energies from the environment and activates healing from within. This week you’ll learn how to plug into these circuits of divine creation.

Highlights include:

  • The magic of Radiant Circuits!
  • How Radiant Circuits fuel your energy systems, reinforce health and vitality, connect you to wellsprings of joy, and spark higher experience and growth.
  • Daily activities and experiences that can activate Radiant Circuits.
  • Five easy turn-ons: Short and simple exercises that plug you into Radiant Circuits.
  • The role and function of individual Radiant Circuits.
  • How to trace Radiant Circuits.

Exercises for the week:

  • The Daily Energy Routine
  • Scapula Squeeze
  • Notice Breath, Soften Belly, Open Heart
  • Tracing Hearts
  • Butt in the Air
  • Smiling Down to Your Soul
  • Five Easy Turn-Ons
  • Tracing Radiant Circuits
  • Heaven Rushing In
  • Energy Medicine Dance

Bonus Included When You Join Today

Bonus #1:

4x Q&A Recordings With Donna Eden & Her Team

Get exclusive access to these Q&A recordings, where Donna addresses the most common questions asked by Energy Medicine students.

4x Q&A Recordings With Donna Eden & Her Team

Bonus #2:

8x Customized Energy Handbooks

These 8 beautifully designed printable handbooks contain a handpicked selection of her favorite energy healing techniques. You’ll use these as easy everyday remedies to heal, relieve pain, and rebalance your energy in minutes.

8x Customized Energy Handbooks

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