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Embrace your feminine sensuality and self with:

Wild Woman Sensuality

Wild Woman Sensuality is a 10-day journey of feminine embodiment practices designed to release your inner blocks and reconnect you with your true self.

You’ll experience sacred rituals harnessed by women from around the world for thousands of years – including dance healing, meditation, breathwork, somatic healing, and much more.

And as you do, you’ll begin reawakening and healing deep traumas from every aspect of your whole: including your body, your sexual energy, your intuition, your mind, and your soul.

Wild Woman Sensuality is far more than just a personal growth program for women: it’s an invitation to rediscover your deepest, fullest, most raw self. And shift your inner and outer world to be in blissful alignment with the woman you truly are.

About Rachel Pringle

Rachel Pringle is an actor, writer, and an embodied sensuality and dynamic tantra teacher.

Coming from a youth fraught with illness and teen years filled with self esteem issues and body dysmorphia, Rachel has committed most of her adult life to mastering a wide range of human development and healing modalities – including sensual embodiment for trauma release, conscious communication, self intimacy and tantric mysticism, to name a few. Rachel is devoted to embodying the essence of love and teaching the most transformational practices in personal and partnerships dynamics for the benefit of all beings.

Today, Rachel helps people around the world return to self-love, through the healing of the body and the awakening of the innate power in each of us.

The Wild Woman Sensuality program encapsulates Rachel’s 15+ years of coaching experience into one soul-opening experience designed to change the life of any woman who engages with it.

The Curriculum

Explore the Wild Woman Sensuality curriculum

Wild Woman Sensuality is a 10-day online program with embodiment coach Rachel Pringle as your guide.

On each of these days, you’ll join Rachel in a 15 – 20-minute recorded video session focused on a unique part of your being.

These sessions are immersive, interactive experiences designed to engage your mind, body, and soul.

You’ll move your body in perfect sync with your sensual energies. You’ll gain tools for deep reflection and healing. And you’ll experience profound emotional and spiritual breakthroughs that permanently shift how you perceive and interact with yourself.

And by the end of the experience, you’ll emerge with powerful embodiment practices you’ll use for many years to come to show up as the embodied and sensual woman you were always meant to be.

Wild Woman Sensuality on multiple devices

Available on your Personal Computer, Tablet, Smartphone & Apple TV

Your journey begins by opening up your physical body, so divine feminine wisdom can flow freely through you. To achieve this, you’ll gain powerful techniques for releasing stagnant energies and lingering traumas from deep inside you – including the Pyramid Breath tool, and a guided meditation for releasing old energy.

The final step of your journey is a unifying sensuality ritual that merges everything you’ve learned into an uplifting and permanently lasting reverence for your body, your being, and your soul. As you celebrate your ascension and awakening, you’ll set the stage for a lifetime of authentic self-expression and self-love.

What students say about the program

I have made friends with myself and my lovely sisters I did the quest with. I have cried and smiled so much throughout the practices in the quest, facing limiting beliefs of shame and embarrassment around my body and sensuality due to conditioning…Read More

Shruti Shailajan

Self-empowerment coach

Bangalore, India

I recommend this quest to every woman out there because we deserve to remember who we are and we deserve to be deeply connected to our divine feminine energy…Read More

Inken Stolley

Conscious Entrepreneur, Lifestyle Coach, MS Hope Ambassador and Silent Qi Gong Master

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

The true transformation came from the practices. There were powerful breath practices. Ideas for self care. Dancing practices. The final session brings it all together into one truly beautiful and nourishing practice….Read More

Kerry Fisher

Executive coach, wellness educator

Melville, United States

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