UNSHAKEABLE: From Self-Doubt to Self-Determination by Shadé Zahrai & Fayçal Sekkouah


Unshakeable: A step-by-step system to root out, eliminate, and permanently banish self-doubt in just 10 days


In just 10 short days, you’ll not only strengthen your mental armor but also be equipped to apply your new insights in practically any situation.

You’ll emerge not just more confident, but truly Unshakeable.

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Rooted in rigorous psychological research, this groundbreaking course combines established principles of neuroscience, cognitive behavioral therapy, and identity reframing to permanently transform you in three key ways:

Cognitive Mapping


Cognitive Mapping

Dive into the contours of your thought processes, spotlighting areas of doubt and carving out clear pathways back to belief.

Habitual mastery


Habitual Mastery

Install 4 key habits that instantly amplify resilience, granting you full control over your reactions and emotions.

Identity Evolution


Identity Evolution

Change how you think and feel about yourself. Get rid of old ideas that hold you back 
and become the unstoppable force you 
want to be.

In just 10 short days, you’ll not only strengthen your mental armor but also be equipped to apply your new insights in practically any situation.

You’ll emerge not just more confident, but truly Unshakeable.

Shadé Zahrai, Award-winning Global Peak Performance Educator to Fortune 500

Shadé Zahrai is a global peak performance educator and ‘leadership alchemist’ with a knack for blending research, best practices, and moral underpinnings into actionable strategies that supercharge success.

A Harvard-trained executive coach who consults Fortune 500s around the world, she has been featured in the New York Times, Yahoo Finance, Vice, Forbes, and TED with over 100 million views

As a scholar-practitioner with multiple degrees, Shadé’s mission is to help people get unstuck and confidently take charge of their life and career with ease and simplicity.

Fayçal Sekkouah, Director at Influenceo Global

Fayçal is passionate about empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs and mentored at the South African Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship.

His diverse background spans multiple industries from coaching Fortune 500 C-level executives to policy advisors for the G20 Summit and even developing world-leading consumer electronics products.

Today, Fayçal and Shadé are the team behind Influenceo Global, recognized for their superhuman ability to translate neuroscience and psychology research into practical, actionable strategies to accelerate success.

Trainer credentials

  • In 2019 Shadé was recognized as Mentor of the Year for Women in Financial Services and a two-time finalist in the prestigious Telstra Women in Business Awards.
  • Shadé’s educational content has garnered over 100 million views and earned her over 2.5 million combined followers on social media
  • Currently studying for a PhD, Shadé also holds several degrees including BAPsych/BLaws (Hons) / GDLP / Dip Positive Psych / MBA
  • Fayçal was a policy advisor to the South Korean Government for the G20 Summit, penning the welcome speech delivered to G20 Heads of State.



What You’ll Gain by Becoming Unshakeable

  1. Never feel like an ‘imposter’ ever again

    You finally feel comfortable in embracing your strengths and not only recognize but celebrate your self-worth. You know you deserve to be where you are, and everyone around you knows it too.

  2. You’ve permanently kissed goodbye to self-sabotage

    No longer are you your own worst critic, pulling yourself down every time you are about to soar. Instead, each step you take is deeply and confidently aligned with your biggest vision in life.

  3. You have unwavering confidence and rock-solid trust in yourself

    You back yourself to handle whatever life throws at you. You recognize your strengths and abilities and aren’t afraid to let the world see them.

  4. You have grit and resilience that sets you apart

    You’re impervious to outside forces that used to fuel your doubt. You’ve banished the fear of failure and forged ahead even into the unknown with a sense of excitement and expectation.

  5. You’ve rewired core aspects of your identity to make self-belief your default state

    You reinforce your personal narrative with more empowerment, conviction, and inner praise. Your knowledge of your mind makes new success patterns a permanent part of you who are.

  6. You achieve your goals on autopilot with ironclad self-determination

    You back yourself to succeed in every situation. With your unshakeable mindset, you easily switch setbacks into exciting opportunities and overcome roadblocks with poise and grace.

The Curriculum

Explore The Unshakeable Curriculum

The Unshakeable Quest is a 10-day rigorously science-based journey to transformation guided by Shadé and Fayçal – world-class experts in psychology, behavioral science, and professional training.

In just 15 – 20 minutes a day, you’ll immerse yourself in actionable, evidence-based tools specifically designed to vanquish self-doubt and supercharge your self-belief.

By the end of the program, you’ll completely discard any trace of insecurities or doubts that held you back and forge an unshakeable conviction that’ll forever redefine your life.

UNSHAKEABLE: From Self-Doubt to Self-Determination (USH)

Available on your Personal Computer, Tablet, Smartphone & Apple TV


Begin your transformation by exploring the intricacies of self-doubt, its triggers, and the hidden culprits behind your deepest insecurities.

Highlights include:

  • The real reason self-doubt manifests: identify the surprising ways self-doubt appears and how the power of metacognition can release its vice-like grasp.
  • How to escape ‘The 3 Mind Pits’: discover strategies to overcome procrastination, lack of motivation, and perfection paralysis easily.
  • Silencing the 5 Inner Deceivers: how these self-critics insidiously erode your confidence, and effective techniques to combat them.
  • Emotional De-identification Exercise: this powerful tool puts space between your emotions and your reactions, empowering you in ways you never thought possible.
  • And much more…

Dive into the foundational pillars of self-belief, each represented by a powerful “A”. From embracing oneself fully to navigating the unpredictable, these legs will ground your confidence.

Highlights include:

  • Why ACCEPTANCE is more than just ‘being okay’: Discover the transformative power of truly embracing yourself with an extraordinary self-compassion exercise.
  • Harnessing AGENCY and unwavering self-belief: discern between your doubts and reality with this powerful four-step process to accomplish any task you set your mind to.
  • The secret to AUTONOMY: Re-focus on what you can control, shifting away from external forces to reclaim your own narrative and personal power.
  • Mastering ADAPTABILITY with Dialectical Behavorial Therapy: equip yourself with proven DBT tools and ensure you always land on your feet, no matter the circumstances.
  • And much more…




As your journey culminates, the focus shifts to actualizing self-belief. You’ll be equipped to fortify yourself against external criticisms and rewrite your personal narrative, grounded in an unshakeable sense of self.

Highlights include:

  • Building a shield against external pressures: Learn strategies to become impervious to outside forces that could threaten your newfound confidence.
  • Why you need to forget yourself: Step into a mission that ignites passion, purpose, and unyielding motivation every single day.
  • The ultimate antidote to self-doubt: Dive deep into methods that help you redefine your past, consolidate your present, and envision a future where you’re at your unshakeable best.
  • The scientific way to rewrite your life story: Discover the power of Cogitive Narrative Therapy technique and how to rewire your identity at its core.
  • And much more…



Bonus included when you join today


Empowering Tools for Self-Determination

Dive into a treasure trove of cutting-edge resources meticulously designed for those hungry to amplify their transformation. From the R.I.S.E Above technique to instantaneous emotional regulation these 4 unique bonus lessons will make permanent additions to your self-confidence toolbox.

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