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Human beings are multi-dimensional. We inhabit intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual and linguistic domains that continuously conspire to impact how we experience living and working in the world. It is an obvious statement to assert that human beings are infinitely complex. It therefore, stands to reason that our approach as coaches to the development of people should be similarly complex. Any useful coaching model needs to, in some manner, take these facts into account.

I’ve designed and taught coaching programs, sit on a number of coaching advisory boards and have coached CEOs, executives, senior managers and «regular» folks all over the world. As a coach with over 30 years experience, I’ve been exposed to any number of different coaching models and modalities. Devotees, students and adherents to these models rightly use them as valid tools in the coaching process. And, many coaches — especially at the beginning of their development — become needlessly constrained by these models. If I’m certain of anything in this realm it is that one size definitely does not fit all – as a matter of fact, one size rarely, if ever, fits a single client.

Three Dimensional Coaching integrates key parts of three of the most influential coaching models I have encountered. Most importantly, by using an integrated coaching approach, Three Dimensional Coaching addresses human complexity in its variety and depth. It is my hope that Three Dimensional Coaching will be a small and useful step in enabling you to be a more effective coach.

Here is what you will learn in this program

  • Introduction to Three Dimensional Coaching
  • What Is Coaching?
  • Three-Dimensional Coaching
  • The Coaching Conversation
  • The Meaning Field
  • The Challenges
  • Designing The Future
  • Coaching Tools

To get the most from this program, we suggest you set aside time each week to watch the videos, read and complete the periodic follow-up assignments and put what you have learned to use through practice with your coaching clients. Each time you use the materials presented in the program, they will become easier and more natural.

This program is designed to easily fit into your schedule. You can listen to the lectures anywhere — on your way to work, while jogging, or in the comfort of your home. However, for the meditations, I recommend you find a quiet place to listen to them. Do not listen to the meditations while driving or operating any machinery.

Let’s get started!

Blaine Bartlett

What will I get?
  1. Complete course on Google drive where you can download or view without limits.
  2. Quick support when in doubt.
  3. Screenshots of the mindvalley platform to demonstrate that all the content is there.
  4. Secure payment through paypal.
  5. Immediate delivery.

Frequent Questions


  • Is the price in dollars? A: Yes, it is value is in dollars (USD)
  • In what language is it? A: The course is in English
  • Is the price for the full value of the course? A: Yes, you pay only once.
  • Is there a facebook group or a community? A: These groups are not delivered, since the group is only obtained by acquiring the program in Mindvalley (cost of $ 199)
  • What will I get when I buy in this Store? A: You will get the full course and  files that are stored in our own backup cloud.
  • After making the payment … What should I do? A: After the purchase, you will receive a receipt of your purchase and the link of your product to the email that you put in the purchase form. You can also download your course in the same Store. See video tutorial below.

How to buy with PayPal in the store?


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The course is in English videos and videos, audios and pdfs that can be downloaded from google drive will be uploaded. Screenshots of the Mindvalley platform are included so you can verify that this is all content. See product images. Once you have passed through the payment gateway, a download button with the file (PDF) will be enabled with the instructions to access your course in the same store. In addition, the same pdf will be sent to your email as a backup once the payment by PayPal is credited.

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