The Science of Personal Branding – Gerard Adams


The 3-step formula for a world-class personal brand powered by your unique gifts, your highest goals, and the real you

The Science of Personal Branding guides you through Gerard Adams’ three stages of personal branding mastery.

In the first stage, you’re unmasked: so all the illusions, limiting beliefs, and insecurities surrounding your self-identity are purged and replaced with absolute clarity of self and purpose.

In the second stage, your new foundations are built: including the crystallization of your personal superpowers, what you and your business really stand for, and the value only you can deliver to your team, clients, and the world.

In the third stage, your personal brand emerges: through clear and authentic communication across all channels of your business, including conversations, negotiations, digital and social media, and company culture.

Gerard has applied this formula to build an empire of eight-figure businesses powered by his authentic personality and values.

He’s used it to help thousands of entrepreneurs and leaders of all levels build and grow their own successful six, seven, and eight-figure ventures.

And through this program, he’ll do the same for you: all in just 18 days.


About Gerard Adams, creator of The Science of Personal Branding

Gerard Adams wearing a black leather jacket with white inner, smillingGerard Adams is an Emmy award-winning eight-figure entrepreneur, conscious leadership coach, and angel investor.

In his younger years, Gerard dropped out of college to focus on entrepreneurship. After years of self-study and seeking out the best mentors he could find, he founded Elite Daily: which he grew into the largest millennial publication in the world and later sold for $50 million.

Upon achieving financial freedom, Gerard shifted his focus to giving back and empowering the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders.

Today Gerard is a major media and business personality. He speaks on prominent stages around the world, manages his Leaders Create Leaders business consultancy, and coaches entrepreneurs of all levels in areas like personal branding, breakthrough business growth, and maximizing impact.

Trainer credentials

  • Gerard is a highly sought-after business and leadership advisor among various multinationals: including Amex, Toyota, Prudential, Sprint, and National Geographic.
  • He was ranked in Business Insider’s Top 100 Most Influential in Tech list and has received full-spread features in Forbes, Success Magazine, Tech Crunch, Entrepreneur Magazine, and The New York Times.
  • His accolades include Magic Johnson’s 32 Under 32 Entrepreneur of the Year award, the Entrepreneur of The Year award in his city, the Leadership Maverick Award, and a day named after him by his town Mayor.

What you’ll gain from The Science of Personal Branding

  1. An authentic personal brand.

    With Gerard’s three-step process, you’ll gain a resonant, empowering, and practical set of personal brand guidelines that keep you perfectly aligned with your authentic self – and amplify your confidence and clarity in every aspect of your business and personal interactions.

  2. Supercharged efficiency and productivity.

    Your personal brand helps you identify and eliminate distractions and stay focused on what matters. By performing authenticity checks on your ‘to-do’ or ‘should-do’ lists, you’ll rapidly shift your attention and energy towards what you’re best at and what’s best to get done.

  3. Optimized goal setting and achievement.

    Your personal brand is a compass that instantly clarifies your ideal business and personal goals – and guides you toward the most efficient ways to achieve them. Expect to discover that many of your previous goals were either too small or wrong for you: and prepare to set new ones that push you forwards.

  4. New high-impact business skills.

    Standing ovation-worthy public speaking, digital media dominance, and expert-level negotiations: these are just some of the many skills you’ll sharpen throughout the program as you master every aspect of building and applying your personal brand to every dimension of your business.

  5. Scalable and profitable business growth.

    You’ll discover how to leverage your personal brand to rapidly and sustainably scale your team, revenue, and client base. The key is in knowing how to transform your authenticity as a leader into a lightning rod that increases buy-in and loyalty.

  6. Dramatically amplified impact and influence.

    You’ll harness your personal brand to emerge as a respected leader in your field, with a major presence in your industry, professional circles, and even social media. Your network will grow, you’ll attract collaborations with other big players, and your mentors will become your peers.

  7. Sales and marketing mastery.

    From pricing and pitching to offer and product optimization: you’ll level up every aspect of your sales and marketing process with the power of your authenticity. Trust in your business and services will grow, you’ll gain more customers, and the ones you have will stick with you for longer.

  8. A courageous and limitless mindset.

    The most personal transformation you’ll experience from your personal brand is how you think, operate, and show up in the world. Your personal brand will empower you with the courage and clarity to set your biggest visions and the confidence you need to achieve them. What once seemed impossible will soon seem inevitable.

The Curriculum

Explore The Science of Personal Branding curriculum

The Science of Personal Branding is an 18-day online program for entrepreneurs, professionals, and leaders of all levels who want a breakthrough in income, impact, and influence.

You’ll join eight-figure entrepreneur Gerard Adams each day for a bite-sized video lesson: each covering a unique aspect of his three-part formula for building a magnetic personal brand.

The program is both a deeply personal experience and a practical solution for enhanced growth, profit, and performance in every area of your business.

You’ll shatter your illusions and discover your truths. You’ll shape a personal brand and grand vision that fits your true self and your innermost goals.

And you’ll apply all of it to your work and organization as you emerge with an authentic personal brand that uplifts yourself and everyone around you.

The Science of Personal Branding on multiple devices

Available on your Personal Computer, Tablet, Smartphone & Apple TV

Your journey begins deep inside the building blocks of your self-identity. You’ll first take an honest look at the core beliefs, programming, and illusions that come together to form a mask that hides the real you from the people you work and play with. Then, you’ll break that mask – so the authentic and best version of you can emerge.

Highlights include:

  • The key ingredients of a legendary personal brand: go beyond the usual tropes of logos, visions, and missions – and discover the most important elements of a personal brand that moves people and even the world.
  • Vanquishing the 4 enemies of authenticity: discover how to rise above comparison, self-doubt, and two other factors sabotaging most entrepreneurs from authenticity and self-actualization.
  • The mask-breaking ceremony: experience an exhilarating process that integrates your inner child and higher self and forever replaces your false mask with a lifelong conviction to the real you.
  • And much more

PART 3:From Content to Clients (Day 8 – 17)

With your mask shattered and your personal brand in place, the final step is to apply it across all communication channels. From conversations and negotiations to social media and company culture – you’ll gain practical brand communication strategies you can apply in every dimension of your business for enhanced income, impact, and influence.

Highlights include:

  • The ultimate formula for going viral: leverage your personal brand, high-level persuasion strategies, and even neurochemicals to create magnetic social and digital media messages that can’t be ignored.
  • The Content to Client challenge: experiment with everything you’ve learned, and use your new skills to build a brand new community or client base in just days.
  • Mastering the people around you: whether you’re building a world-class team or managing a tricky dream client, you’ll gain proven connection strategies that amplify the power of your personal brand and elevate you into a persuasive, uplifting, irresistible communicator.
  • And much more

Frequent questions

  • Is the price in dollars? A: Yes, it is value is in dollars (USD)
  • In what language is it? A: The course is in English
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  • Is the price for the full value of the course? A: Yes, you pay only once.
  • Do you have a Facebook group? A: There is no official group.
  • After making the payment … What should I do? A: After the purchase, you will receive a receipt of your purchase and the link of your product to the email that you put in the purchase form. You can also download your course in the same Store. See video tutorial below.

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Important:  The language of the course is English. All material is downloaded daily from Mindvalley and shared via a Google Drive link, where you can view and / or download the material. Screenshots of the Mindvalley platform are included so you can verify that all material delivered by mindvalley is delivered by us. See product images. Access to the group is not given in this course. See frequently asked questions. Once you have passed through the payment gateway, a download button will be enabled with the file (PDF) with the instructions to access your course in the same store. Also, the same pdf will be sent to your email as a backup once PayPal credits the payment.

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