The Quest for Personal Mastery (English)


From Visionary TED.com Speaker & America’s #1 Most Sought After MBA Lecturer Comes A New Quest For Personal Mastery

Discover A Breakthrough Method To Dissolve Toxic Thoughts And Engineer Outstanding Levels Of Happiness… In 45 Days Or Less

A Transformational Class Once Only Available To MBA Students At Columbia Business School, London Business School and UC Berkeley- With A Highly Restrictive Application-Only Admission And a Long Wait List To Get In- Now Comes To Mindvalley Academy.

This quest is for everyone who wants to experience unheard of levels of abundance, significance and happiness, while having the practical wisdom to weather any adversity they face along the way.

What if there was a way to make yourself so resilient to adversity that you could sail through storms that would sink most ships?

What if you could apply the practical wisdom of ancient masters- stripped from all cultural and religious connotations- to ride out these these mighty waves without abandoning ship or drowning in a sea of self doubt?

Mindvalley has helped you realize your potential and find your purpose. Professor Srikumar Rao is now inviting you to look inward to access the extreme resilience you need to pursue your passions relentlessly and attract all the abundance you desire- no matter what is happening around you.

What will I get?
  1. Complete course on Google drive where you can download or view without limits.
  2. Quick support when in doubt.
  3. Screenshots of the mindvalley platform to demonstrate that all the content is there.
  4. Secure payment through paypal.
  5. Immediate delivery.
  6. Access to facebook group

The course is in English videos and videos that can be downloaded from google drive will be uploaded. Screenshots of the Mindvalley platform are included so you can verify that this is all content. See product images. Once you have passed through the payment gateway, a download button with the file (PDF) will be enabled with the instructions to access your course in the same store. In addition, the same pdf will be sent to your email as a backup once the payment by PayPal is credited.

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But before we go further, we need to address a question many of you might have on your minds:

In Times Of Trouble Does The Universe Really Have My Back?

According to Srikumar Rao, one of the most important questions you can ask yourself is this:

“Is The Universe Friendly?”

Einstein also asked the same question.

On first glance, the answer is obvious. We know that the universe is a friendly place, and we yearn for those precious moments where we can tap into its deep source of wisdom to lead more spectacular lives.

Yet when things go sideways… when unanticipated consequences arrive, or the universe doesn’t seem to act in our favor the way we expect it to, it’s natural to wonder if the universe is merely neutral or even indifferent to our desires.

But is it…really?

The Secret To Relentlessly Pursuing A Bolder Path In Life

What if you knew that the secret to true happiness actually came down to how you see the universe, how you expect it to behave…and where to look so it’s always available to you?

How much better would you feel if you could examine the everyday events of your life and easily pinpoint instances where the universe was working with you…

Guarding you against your worst impulses, protecting you like a loving mother…

So that even when “bad” things happen that separate you from the destination you originally had in mind… you could boldly step back onto the path to success until something even better shows up?

What if you could experience a life where a wellspring of confidence and unstoppable resilience was always in easy reach- so synchronicities happen with ease… no matter what is happening around you?

The good news is that all of these gifts are available to you, right now, when you join Srikumar Rao on this 45 day Quest.

Srikumar Rao’s unique gift is his uncanny ability to remind you of the truths you already know, but may have forgotten. To show you how you can hit reset when times are tough and experience the happiness that is your birthright…

We’d like to share a quick story that illustrates how Srikumar Rao applies the wisdom of ancient poets and philosophers to 21st century problems… to produce masterful results.

Program Information

This Is How The Program Is Structured So You Get Fast, Long Lasting Results In The Shortest Time Possible

Part 1: Mental Models And How You Became What You Are

This is where we shine the light of consciousness onto the “weeds” in your mental garden so your self-doubt withers away. You will gain clarity on your unexamined beliefs so you can plant the seeds for a future where you can experience happiness beyond your wildest dreams.

Highlights include:

  • How we define events, situations and people in our past that shaped us into the person we are today (and why you have more power than you think)
  • How to avoid needless suffering by dropping your personal baggage… so you can free your mind to access the powerful resources the universe is making available to you
  • How to develop and cultivate extreme resilience… so temporary setbacks no longer phase you and you can show fear the door
  • A better alternative to positive thinking (that may surprise you)
Part 2: How To Win The Inner Game Of Happiness

In this second part, you’ll dig in the dirt and find the roots of your present condition. It includes among other things, a way to transcend limiting beliefs so you no longer get stuck when an obstacle (disguised as an opportunity) lands in your path. This is critical to your growth as a human being.

Highlights include:

  • How affirmations can hurt you (and what to do instead) so you are automatically and effortlessly pulled towards your goals
  • How to develop mood boosting gratitude. Warning: prepare to be blown away by the positive reaction you get from friends, family and colleagues
  • How our past goals lead to our present misery… and how to keep your eyes set firmly on the future you want to design
  • What REALLY causes you stress. No one told you about this… and here’s why
  • How mental chatter can hijack your moods (and how to escape its grip)
Part 3: Your Future Depends On Thinking Big And Why Mindfulness Matters

This is where it gets exciting. You’ll dive into powerful strategies that will help you feed and nurture explosive growth- even during tough times. Discover how to cultivate superior mental resilience and a playful, open mind.

Highlights include:

  • How to design and consistently bring your ideal day to life… over and over again.
  • How to bounce back from setbacks so quickly, it will seem to others that they never even happened
  • Why you need to be aware of the stories you tell… and the company you keep. Use this technique to clear your mind of energy blocks and only attract those who want to help you grow
  • How to achieve lasting happiness at work… and inspire those around you with this one simple hack (it’s so simple, you’ll wonder why you never thought of it yourself)
  • How to be fearless in the face of uncertainty so you can take bold action. You’ll see yourself as a heroic character in the game of life and find yourself equipped with an adventurous spirit


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