The Art of Astral Projection by Jade Shaw + 03 Live Experience Bonus Calls


The Definitive Guide To Astral Projection:

Now Everyone Can Fly

The Art Of Astral Projection is a landmark program by altered states luminary Jade Shaw: in collaboration with Mindvalley and The Monroe Institute, the organization credited with bringing out-of-body experiences to the West.

Through an optimal balance of Western psychology and Eastern tradition, the program guides you through an easy-to-follow four-level process for experiencing and mastering astral projection.

Throughout the program, you’ll focus on the two key areas of astral travel:

  1. Outward exploration and discovery: embarking on astral adventures to places, planets, dimensions, and people (both alive and deceased), beyond the constraints of space and time.
  2. Inward growth and healing: gaining key guidance, personal growth, self-awareness, and clarity of purpose, while also healing grief, overcoming fears and emotional pain, and finding inner peace through astral travel.

In addition to its 28-day daily training curriculum, the program also includes 3D gamma synchronization sound technology: engineered by The Monroe Institute to guide your mind quickly, smoothly, and reliably into the necessary state for astral travel.

The Art Of Astral Projection gives you everything you need to embark on a lifetime of astral journeys – and experience all the benefits of this life-changing practice.

Meet Jade Shaw, Your Astral Projection Guide

Jade Shaw is a globally recognized expert in astral projection and altered states. Her classes, body of research, and contributions to various high-profile media projects have been instrumental in bringing astral projection into mass consciousness as a tool for personal growth and spiritual discovery.

In 2014, Jade was an international choreographer for the Royal Academy of Dance and Sadler’s Wells Theatre: until she had an out-of-body experience (OBE) that changed her life.

The experience was so profound, it spurred her to trade her 12-year career in the arts for an Msc in Transpersonal Psychology, and a new mission to explore and spread the transformative impact of OBEs.

Jade now coaches people from all walks of life in workshops around the world, and at various major events including Europe’s Mind Body Spirit Festival and Mindvalley University in Croatia.

She is the producer of Insight Out, a Gaia TV-featured documentary film on out-of-body experiences, and has served as a consultant for the Netflix series Behind Her Eyes.

Jade also receives guidance from Buddhist master Lama Yeshe Rinpoche, and has trained with the Mindfulness Association, The Monroe Institute, and with Dream Yoga Guru’s Alan Watts and Andrew Holceck.

Perhaps Jade’s biggest gift is her remarkable ability to present astral projection as an accessible, enjoyable, and natural practice for anyone. And you’ll get the chance to experience it for yourself in The Art Of Astral Projection.

Trainer Credentials

  • Jade takes a holistic approach to astral projection. In addition to numerous Western qualifications like an Msc in Transpersonal Psychology and a foundation degree in Movement Psychotherapy, she also studies with Eastern spiritual institutions – including a five-year stay in a Buddhist monastery to study dream yoga.
  • In her Gaia TV documentary, Insight Out, Jade interviews and collaborates with some of the world’s leading experts in altered states: including New York Times bestselling author Dr. Eben Alexander, The Monroe Institute’s lead trainer William Buhlman, and ex-NASA Physicist Tom Campbell.
  • Jade trains and speaks on some of the world’s biggest stages – including for Alternatives (London’s largest spiritual organization), and private member clubs Soho House and Ace Hotel. Her prominence has earned her a spot in the Science & Medical Network, and as a Winston Churchill Trust Fellow.

Jade & Vishen speaking at Mindvalley University

Jade & Vishen speaking at Mindvalley University

Jade with her students at a workshop

Jade with her students at a workshop

The Transformation You’ll Experience

  1. Master Out-Of-Body Experiences:

    Take a vivid, exhilarating tour of your neighborhood, other cities, foreign countries, or even your favorite holiday spots – at any time of day, and without ever leaving your bed. Your life is now a borderless adventure.

  2. Embark On Cosmic Adventures:

    Explore far-off planets, the outer reaches of the cosmos, alternate realities, and alternate planes of existence where anything is possible – and return to earth with the power to see, perceive, and achieve the extraordinary.

  3. Deep Emotional Healing:

    Discover how to take healing-focused astral journeys that allow you to resolve long-standing grief and trauma, regain your peace and balance, and perceive your past, present, and future in the most liberating and empowering way.

  4. Connect To Consciousness:

    Everyone and everything is connected forevermore – and astral projection is your opportunity to experience that connection in the most profound way. Engage in eye-opening conversations and encounters with your Higher Self, collective consciousness, and even with deceased loved ones and ancestors to settle the unresolved.

  5. Release Your Fears:

    Anxieties, phobias, fear of the unknown – whatever keeps you up at night and robs you of your peace, you’ll learn how to embark on empowering astral journeys that heal your shadows and insecurities – and replace them with the freedom to live a bolder, more courageous, more authentic life.

  6. Find Your Answers:

    Explore places, viewpoints, and scenarios that reveal answers to your life’s most urgent questions – and gain the intuitive insights you need to make the best choices that lead you to greater abundance, success, love, and fulfillment.

  7. Soul Alignment:

    Reconnect with your soul’s true nature and purpose, and embrace your unique role in the universe. By harnessing astral projection for soul alignment, you never need to feel lost or insecure again.

  8. Experience Reality In All Its Splendor:

    As you explore boundless space, time, and possibilities beyond your physical limitations, you’ll gain a new sense of wonder, oneness, and reverence for all that is. And when you taste infinity, your capacity to grow and evolve also becomes limitless.

The Curriculum

Explore The Art Of Astral Projection curriculum

The Art Of Astral Projection is an easy-to-follow online program that empowers you with the fundamentals of astral projection: followed by the ability to embark on your own self-guided astral journeys.

Every day for 28 days, you’ll join Jade Shaw for 15 – 20 minute micro video lessons designed to gradually and consistently grow your astral projection knowledge and ability.

The curriculum is divided into four distinct parts, each with its own focus and goals.

With Jade as your guide, you’ll experience all the dimensions and possibilities of astral travel. You’ll learn how to navigate both the astral planes, and your own mind for the best experiences. And you’ll emerge with a lifelong practice you’ll use for many decades to come to explore, grow, and transform to your fullest potential.

The Art of Astral Projection on multiple devices

Available on your Personal Computer, Tablet, Smartphone & Apple TV

Your adventure begins by donning your wings, and gaining a solid foundation in astral travel. You’ll discover what astral projection really is (and what it isn’t), what you can gain from it, and how to transcend the blocks most beginners face when trying to experience it.

Highlights include:

  • The little-known truth about astral projection: what is astral projection beyond all the myths, hype, and misconceptions? What you learn here will transform your understanding of it, and open the doorway to experiencing it in its most authentic form.
  • The first ignition key to astral travel: discover the easy way to achieve and master the Mind Awake Body Asleep (MABA) state – the optimal state for experiencing astral projection.
  • Banishing the two enemies of astral projection: fear and limiting beliefs are the two main reasons most people can’t cross the threshold. You’ll discover the most efficient way to overcome them for good.
  • And much more.

Bonus Included When You Join Today

Bonus #1:

MABA & Choice of Exit Technique

This guided audio track is designed to help you create your own bespoke practice with your choice of exit technique.

You can incorporate it in your practice to continue your Astral Projection journey after you’ve completed your Quest.

These audios will become a mainstay of your astral projection toolkit, even long after you’ve completed the program.

The 3D gamma synchronization audios in The Art Of Astral Projection are developed by The Monroe Institute: the global leader in the exploration of human consciousness for over 40 years, with millions of lives transformed.

Mind awake, body asleep with the ladder exit technique

Bonus #2:

MABA & Ladder Exit Technique

This track includes the Ladder Exit technique, which you can incorporate in your practice to continue your Astral Projection journey after you’ve completed your Quest.

These audios will become a mainstay of your astral projection toolkit, even long after you’ve completed the program.

The 3D gamma synchronization audios in The Art Of Astral Projection are developed by The Monroe Institute: the global leader in the exploration of human consciousness for over 40 years, with millions of lives transformed.

Mind awake, body asleep with the choice of exit technique

Frequent questions


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  • Do you have a Facebook group? A: There is no official group.
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