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Introducing The New Mindvalley Quest From Japan’s No. 1 Money Teacher

Transform Your Relationship With Money In Just 21 Days

Join Personal Finance Sensei Ken Honda On The Money EQ Quest, As He Retrains Your Brain To Release All Fears, Stress And Limiting Money Habits – And Instead Embrace Money As Your New Best Friend.

Join the Money EQ program with hundreds of students to transform your money mindset.

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Why This Course

Wealth Is A Mind Game: But Are You Playing It Right?

Why is there so much fear and drama surrounding money?

Why do most hardworking people struggle with money?

Why is money so hard to earn, yet so easy to lose?

Why does money have to control every area of life?

Why are so many rich people unhappy?

If you’re dealing with financial uncertainty, mounting debt, or if you constantly feel you don’t have enough to live your best life – then you may have asked questions just like these.

And if you’ve ever turned to conventional wisdom for a solution, you’ll have heard the same advice over and over:

Work harder. Save more. Invest in stocks and property. Start a new career or business.

If this sounds familiar to you, then you haven’t been told the entire truth about money. And it’s not your fault: because this truth is not something you’ll learn in school. Nor is it something the average wealthy person will ever tell you.

Ken Honda

The Little-Known Truth About Money Can Be Summed Up In Two Words:


According to Ken Honda, Japan’s no. 1 money teacher, Money EQ is the key that separates the minority who enjoy a happy and healthy relationship with money, from the majority who don’t.

Through generations of conditioning, society has trained us to focus only on the mechanics of making money: like earning, saving, investing, and spending. This common approach is known as Money IQ. Some would even say it forms the foundation of the American Dream.

But is the dream broken? Look at the global statistics on issues like wealth distribution and upward mobility, and you’ll find the answer is YES.

Most people spend their entire lives worrying about money. We carry an irrational fear and distrust of money. We look at money as a monster instead of as a friend. Even the very thought of it can cause us stress and anxiety.

And when you understand the concept of Money EQ, you’ll know exactly why.

Money EQ Is About Your Personal Relationship With Money

Your Money EQ is a reflection of your personal beliefs and thoughts about money. Your emotions when you think of money. And how your subconscious mind makes financial decisions on autopilot.

Just like how someone who neglects their emotional intelligence would struggle to reach their full potential, those who neglect their Money EQ just can’t be sustainably and happily wealthy. Even if they work hard and make the right investments. And even if their conventional Money IQ is high.

Ken has perfected a step-by-step process anyone can follow to raise their Money EQ and permanently elevate not only their financial success, but their lives.

It’s a process that has already transformed countless people worldwide. And now for the first time ever, he’s brought that process to Mindvalley through the Money EQ Quest.

Understanding Ken’s game-changing approach to money starts with one question:

Why Are Some People Best Friends With Money, While Others Are Bitter Enemies?

As a child, Ken worked as a tea server in his father’s accounting firm. Here, he observed how some of his father’s clients were often irritated, anxious, and rushed – even the wealthy ones.

On the other hand, some others were always relaxed and peaceful: no matter what kind of financial stress or drama was happening around them.

Over time, he noticed the relaxed ones had a tendency to gain even more wealth. Whereas the anxious ones often ended up losing their money.

This was a phenomenon he continued observing throughout his adulthood – including in the 12,000+ self-made millionaires he studied as a personal growth teacher and author.

And so the basis for a high Money EQ is simple: it involves having positive thoughts and emotions when it comes to money. This is what allows you to own what Ken calls ‘Happy Money’: money that actually loves you as much as you love it!

What Happens When You Have A High Money EQ

Having a high Money EQ is not a gift or talent. It’s a skill anyone can learn, by following the right steps to retrain the brain (more on this in just a moment).

When you do this, you instantly start experiencing money and life in a whole new way. For example:

Low Money EQ

Man struggle while paying bills onine

  • Always feels forced to work too hard, for too little money.
  • Makes unhappy sacrifices and compromises in order to save money.
  • Tends to distrust others, feels suspicious of people’s motives and sincerity.
  • Worried about survival and having enough to get by.
  • Prone to impulse purchases, struggles with managing money.
  • Constantly wrestles with debt.
  • Anxious about the future and what could go wrong.
  • Avoids taking risks, often afraid of the unknown.
  • Focuses on protecting resources, often at the expense of growth and adventure.
  • Reluctant to give to others due to a scarcity mindset.
High Money EQ

Womnan happily using phone and writing

  • Money comes easily and smoothly, sometimes even from unexpected places.
  • Fearlessly spends money on things and experiences that bring true joy.
  • Chooses to be surrounded by trustworthy and sincere people.
  • Always at ease, views the world as an abundant and friendly place.
  • Manages money strategically, never runs out of money prematurely.
  • Knows how to manage debt, understands not all debt is bad.
  • At peace in the present, confident about the future.
  • Welcomes calculated risks, views the unknown as an opportunity to learn and grow.
  • Focuses on growth and expansion.
  • Generously gives, often gets more in return.

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We Searched For The Best Personal Finance Teacher On The Planet – And Found Him In Japan.

One of our missions at Mindvalley is to find the best teachers from every corner of the planet – and spread their teachings worldwide.

Up till recently, the majority of our teachers were American. But now, we’ve started widening our net and studying other countries too.

Our search for the world’s best personal finance teacher led us to Ken Honda. Ken lives in Japan, an extraordinarily wealthy country with one of the highest number of millionaires on the planet.

Ken’s uniquely Japanese perspective on cash is refreshing: but it’s also universally applicable no matter where you are in the world. And through this brand new Quest, you now have the opportunity to master it more quickly and affordably than ever before.

About Ken Honda

Ken Honda is Japan’s most recognizable and influential money teacher. Fondly known as the ‘Zen Millionaire’ in his home country – and known to some as the Marie Kondo of personal finance – Ken has

Ken Honda

penned 58 books, including Happy Money: the New York Times bestseller. Happy Money has been translated into 15 languages, and sold over 8 million copies and counting.

Ken spent most of his early life committed to understanding humanity’s relationship with money – and how to leverage it to create a life of prosperity, peace, and happiness. By 29, he had built multiple successful businesses and achieved financial freedom.

Next, he began studying over 12,000 self-made millionaires in Japan, while being mentored by the late Wahei Takeda (the ‘Warren Buffett of Japan’).
Ken’s life experiences helped him understand the connecting thread between almost all of the world’s richest, happiest, and most fulfilled people:
Building sustainable wealth was less about Money IQ (business and investment strategies) and more about Money EQ (our emotional intelligence surrounding money).

Ken shares this revelation – and how anyone can raise their Money EQ – through high-end coaching and events around the world. And now, through the Money EQ Quest, he hopes to spread the truth about money to empower even more people with the lifelong gift of Happy Money.

What You’ll Learn

Rewire Your Brain For Financial Prosperity

Ken Honda is not your everyday wealth coach. He won’t tell you what stocks to invest in, what property to buy, or how to negotiate a raise with your boss.

Instead, he’ll escort you into your own psyche, and show you what your brain really thinks about money (you’ll be surprised by what you discover by yourself).

Then, through proven modalities like meditation, visualization, and neuro linguistic programming, Ken will rapidly and permanently rewire your brain – and raise your Money EQ.

People all over the world and from all walks of life swear by Ken’s methodology. Many call it the gateway to the kind of financial prosperity they never dreamed possible. And when you experience it, you too will:

1. Transform your relationship with money. Instead of feeling fear, stress, or negativity whenever you think of money, you’ll start thinking of money as your dear friend. This is the foundation of having what Ken calls ‘Happy Money’.

2. Start healing your financial wounds and challenges. Whether it’s a hurdle like crippling debt or low income, you’ll gain the clarity, grit, and emotional strength to finally reclaim your freedom and peace of mind.

3. Shift your financial habits. You’ll effortlessly break free from money-sapping habits like overspending and impulse buying, and even replace them with new habits that put money into your pocket.

4. Release the suffocating need to hoard and control money. Instead you’ll enter a state of free-flowing wealth, where you’re in complete peace knowing that money and opportunities will always be drawn to you.

5. Make better decisions and seize bigger opportunities in every area of life. It’s amazing what you can start exploring and achieving in your career, health, and relationships, once you’re no longer held back by financial constraints.

6. Upgrade the quality of your relationships and personal network. You’ll learn how to trust others with greater peace of mind, and leverage people’s generosity, talents, and resources to create win-win situations for everyone.

7. Turn your scarcity mindset into one of limitless abundance. Never again feel like there’s not enough to go around. This alone will lift a tremendous weight off your shoulders.

8. Expand your capacity to receive and to give. Whatever you thought your limit was, you’ll rise far, far above it once Ken starts rewiring your brain for greater abundance and contribution.

Program Curriculum

Explore The Money EQ Quest Curriculum

Money EQ On Multiple Devices

The Money EQ Quest takes you on a 21-day journey towards elevating your Money EQ: and in turn, your finances and your life. Divided into 3 weeks, the Quest features daily guidance by Ken Honda himself, as he guides you through a series of daily training videos and exercises designed to transform your relationship with money.

You only need 20 minutes a day to follow the Quest. You can even follow along on the go: like when you’re commuting or on your lunch break. In exchange for this tiny and temporary investment in your time, you’ll experience lifelong changes to how you think about money. Your capacity to earn, multiply, invest, and give back money. And ultimately, how you harness money to create unshakable prosperity and peace of mind.

  • Week 1: A Path To Happy Money

    In the first week of the Money EQ Quest, you’ll explore your existing relationship with money, and how it’s affecting you in unexpected ways. You’ll uncover the hidden financial hang-ups, beliefs, and models of reality that have held you back throughout your life, as you get clear on the real reasons wealth is important to you.

    Week Highlights:

    • What is your money secretly trying to tell you? This thought exercise instantly reveals what your subconscious mind feels about money.
    • Creating your personal Wealth Map. Follow these steps to define why wealth is important to various areas of your life (this map will serve as a foundation to the rest of your journey).
    • The 3 Money Types quiz. Yre you a controller, indifferent, or fearful? The answer may surprise you.
    • Are you stuck in scare-city? If you constantly feel there’s barely enough to get by, this mind shift will finally set you on the path to abundance.
    • The world’s most effective wealth habit: according to Wahei Takeda, the Warren Buffet of Japan (it only takes a few minutes a day).
    • And many more lessons in building your foundation for financial success.

  • Week 2: Healing Money Wounds

The focus of your second week is clearing out your money wounds. You’ll go deeper into your core identity, and explore the impact your culture and family have left on your relationship with money. You’ll also begin using tools such as meditation to heal your money wounds, and start replacing them with new programming that elevates you into a money magnet.

Week Highlights:

  • The 5 types of Money Wounds Find out which ones are affecting you, where they came from, and how to heal them.
  • The unholy trinity of negative money emotions. How to spot and rise above the 3 common emotions that force you into poor financial decisions.
  • Forgiveness for the past, fortune for the future. Follow these steps to release past pain and resentment that’s silently dragging down your financial success in the present.
  • Opening your floodgates to wealth. Learn how to rise above the illusion of lack, and train your brain to receive wealth from your surroundings (there’s more of it than you might think).
  • The Self-Expansion exercise. Use this immersive exercise to receive abundant energy from your past, your present, and even from collective human consciousness.
  • And many more lessons on healing your money wounds.

  • Week 3: Creating A New Life With Happy Money

In your final week, Ken will expand your capacity to receive, retain, grow, and even share your wealth. You’ll discover how to step into a refreshingly new money mindset, and embrace a way of life where prosperity is your effortless default state. By the end of this week, you’ll be primed to create your new life, surrounded by Happy Money.

Week Highlights:

  • Are you limiting your own inflow of Happy Money? Do this to grow your money container, so you can start earning and saving more immediately.
  • The Stretchy Sweater exercise. Use this exercise to train your brain to feel at home in a state of abundance, and banish scarcity thinking for good.
  • Using your gifts to attract wealth. Learn how to pinpoint your unique talents, and use them as magnets for multiplying your Happy Money (this goes way beyond just doing what you love).
  • Who would you be without your limitations? Explore a vision of your greatest, most abundant self – and command your mind to shift that vision into reality.
  • Attracting money through relationships. Discover how to curate a community of people who can’t help but uplift your financial success – even if you don’t know a single wealthy person.
  • And many more lessons on creating your new prosperous way of life.

Experience 15 Immersive Brain Retraining Exercises That Instantly Amplify Your Money EQ

A major highlight of the Money EQ Quest is Ken’s selection of Brain Retraining exercises. These powerful exercises target the ‘money wounds’ embedded in your brain: which are similar to limiting beliefs that your mind holds onto in order to keep you safe.

Ken will guide you through a unique Brain Retraining exercise on most days of the Quest. Each one is designed to help you either widen your capacity to receive money, use your money to its fullest potential, or channel your money towards the people and goals you believe in.

Ken’s students swear by these Brain Retraining exercises. Each one is easy to follow, and in many cases you’ll feel the mind shifts happening instantly. Here’s a sample of the exercises you’ll experience in the Quest:

  • The Future Reimagining exercise: a favorite of world-class athletes and artists, this exercise charts a crystal-clear path in your mind towards the financial future you desire.
  • The Limitless Possibilities exercise: rewires your mind to perceive your financial goals as inevitable (which dramatically accelerates your journey towards making these goals happen).
  • The Visual Shift exercise: sets you free from crippling fears, beliefs, and trauma that manifested from your negative experiences with money in the past.
  • The Parental Pain Release exercise: focuses on your childhood experiences with your parents, and liberates you from the wealth-sapping thought patterns you inherited from them.
  • The Self-Expansion exercise: boosts your confidence and personal power by reconnecting you with the limitless support you can draw from around you to achieve your financial goals.
  • The Expanding Your Container exercise: expand your capacity to receive, and watch your income multiply as your brain’s false money barriers melt away forever.
  • The Wealthy Behavior exercise: train your brain to make the same daily choices wealthy people do – and watch as you evolve into one of them.
  • The Inevitability exercise: hack your brain’s sense of time, and start achieving your money goals in record time.


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    Muy buen curso con un enfoque diferente. Ayuda a descifrar las emociones subconcientes que todos tenemos en relación al dinero y a sobreponernos a ellas a través de ejercicios prácticos. Muy contenta con la calidad de los videos y el precio al que se ofrece.

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