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Introducing An 8-Week Journey Of Activating Your Quantum Health

Start Living An Incredible Life Of Quantum Health, Wellness, Purpose & Youthful Energy On All Levels

Join Latin America’s Leading Shaman, Healer & Wellness Expert Juan Pablo Barahona On This 8-Week Transformational Journey As He Helps You Embody Quantum Health, Realize Your Higher Potential, Connect With Yourself Like Never Before & Start Living A Life Filled With Energy, Meaning, Joy & Purpose

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Why This Journey

The Quantum Health 8-week Journey is a week-by-week and day-by-day program guided by Latin America’s leading shaman, breathwork expert, and globally recognized quantum health teacher and practitioner Juan Pablo Barahona.

In this 8-week program starting today, Juan Pablo will coach you, teach you, mentor you and guide you to help you supercharge your health, wellness, healing, rejuvenation and wellbeing on all aspects of your life to new heights so you can start living with vibrant energy, and feeling better, fresher, younger and stronger than ever before.

Specifically, in this program Juan Pablo Barahona will help you:

  • Start feeling really good about yourself, your present & your future
  • Start looking better, younger, healthier than even before
  • Start enjoying & living your life with energy every day
  • Have more youthful energy for yourself, family, work, adventures & everything else that matters
  • Heal, rejuvenate & recover much faster
  • Become a role model of health and wellness for your family and children
  • Effortlessly find quality time for yourself
  • Live a better, happier & longer life filled with purpose
  • Free yourself from all unhealthy habits & self-sabotaging behaviors
  • Burn unhealthy fat stuck in your body
  • Become more self-confident & courageous
  • Improve your overall performance & focus at workspace
  • Start living in a state of quantum flow
  • And much, much more.
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Things That Make This 8-Week Journey So Special & Unique

01. Build the Unshakable Foundation For Ultimate Health & Well-Being On All Levels

What most Health & Wellbeing programs have in common is that they come from a place of self-denial and lack of acceptance. You enroll in fitness or diet-based programs because there is something ‘wrong’ with you. Whether it’s your level of vitality, weight or overall health, the initial momentum is based on lack of acceptance.

This 8- Week Journey you will start from unconditional self-acceptance and self-love while committing to becoming the best version of yourself. You will start living a happier and more joyful life, find time and motivation to do things you’ve ever wanted to do, being a role model for your family and everyone around you. And this is the only non-disruptive foundation for your vibrant health.

02. Shift Your Perspective On Health From Fragmented To Holistic

What you will learn and experience during this 8-week Journey with Juan Pablo is based on the most holistic approach to health combining the ancient practices of the East and up-to-date scientific concepts stemming from quantum physics.

This holistic approach will allow you to activate your dormant potential for ultimate health that can be achieved and maintained regardless of your current state. Not only will you elevate the overall state of your physical health, you will feel healthier, happier, more content and optimistic about your life in general.

03. Tap Into Quantum Field Of Infinite Possibilities

The fundamentals of Quantum Health that Juan Pablo is going to teach you on this Journey is based on the ultimate concept of Quantum Field of infinite possibilities that opens the door not only to infinite possibilities in your health but also in all other spheres in life that can not be separated from one another.

So by embarking on this 8-week Journey with Juan Pablo you will activate your quantum field that will elevate your whole life.

04. All Of The Most Transformational Modalities In One Program

People have been paying thousands of dollars to fly to all corners of the planet to attend and experience JuanPa’s transformational programs and events at some of the world’s most exotic locations: from mountains of Peru and jungles of Costa Rica to tropicals of Bali and wilderness of New Zealand.

In this 8-week program, Juan Pablo comes to you.

05. Get The Exact Week-By-Week & Day-By-Day Plan That’s Easy To Follow & Implement (Even If You’re Super Busy)

Juan Pablo and your facilitators will guide you through the entire 8-week Journey. You’ll know exactly what’s the plan, where to start and what to do next.

06. The Most Holistic Approach To Achieving The Ultimate Health

Most health programs focus on one or two aspects of it: it’s either diet or exercise routine or the combination of the two. Moreover, they come from the space of self-denial or out-dated data on health, and utilize only one or two modalities for personal transformation.

Juan Pablo always uses and combines a wide range of techniques and modalities based on both ancient wisdom and up-to-date science to help you activate your quantum health and learn how to integrate it into your day-to-day life.

Here are the modalities that Juan Pablo uses in this Journey:

  • Quantum Physics
  • Kinesiology
  • Holistic Medicine
  • Tantric and Toltec Philosophy
  • Qi Gong
  • Yoga
  • Breathwork
  • Meditation
  • Reiki
  • Sound Healing
  • Shamanism

Meet Your Guide, Teacher & Coach: Juan Pablo Barahona

Juan Pablo Barahona, known as JuanPa, is Latin America’s leading shaman and healer, world-renowned

wellness expert, spiritual guide to celebrities and one of the highest-rated authors on Soulvana.

Juan Pablo also one the world’s most sought facilitators known for his passion for life and his transformational Cacao ceremonies that combine the power of music, sound therapy, movement, energy work, and many other modalities.

His events and ceremonies at Mindvalley’s global events such as Mindvalley Afest and Mindvalley City

As Seen On:
 Campus are continuously ranked amongst the highest rated experiences.

Juan Pablo doesn’t just teach Quantum Health – he lives it, embodies it and practices it daily like probably no other wellness expert.

He is also a trained and certified professional in many wellness modalities and arts: from Qi Gong, Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation, Reiki and Sound Healing and Shamanism to Quantum Physics, Kinesiology, Holistic Medicine, Tantric Philosophy and Toltech Philosophy.

Juan Pablo has been positively impacting millions of lives and helping people realize their deepest potential through his life-changing programs, courses, ceremonies and events at the world’s most exotic locations: from mountains of Peru and jungles of Costa Rica to tropicals of Bali and wilderness of New Zealand.

What You’ll Experience

15 Profound Results & Transformations That The “Quantum Health” 8-Week Journey Will Bring You

In this transformational 8-Week Quantum Health journey, you’ll go way beyond traditional approaches to health and wellbeing.

Everything you will experience in this 8-week program is based on the revolutionary yet scientifically proven techniques and modalities stemming from both ancient wisdom and quantum physics compiled into the most holistic program to achieving ultimate health.

It has been proven to work over and over again with thousands of Juan Pablo’s students and clients who experienced Juan Pablo’s universal Quantum Flow modality and other absolutely practical tools to harmonize one’s body, mind, and spirit, and start living a vibrant life as the whole and harmonious being.

Here are the transformations, results, and outcomes you can expect as you progress through this 8-Week Journey:

Here are the transformations, results and outcomes you can expect as you progress through this 8-Week Journey:

01. Start Feeling Really Good About Yourself, Your Present & Your Future

Yes, as you embark on this journey, you will start from total and unconditional acceptance of who you are and where you stand, you will start from the most crucial foundation which is self-love. And from that place of unapologetic self-love and acceptance, you will feel really good about yourself.

02. Start Looking Better, Younger, Healthier Than Even Before

Yes, as you activate your natural state of quantum health, you will start glowing from within out. Not only will you become healthier, but this state of vibrant health will be manifested on a very physical level – you will look really great, younger and vibrantly healthy!

03. Start Enjoying & Living Your Life With Energy Every Day

As you cultivate presence in your body, mind, and spirit, you will start seeing joy and happiness in every single moment of your life. Even in the face of a challenge, you will be strong and resilient. You won’t lose a sense of balance but live a joyful life you’ve ever wanted.

04. Have More Youthful Energy For Yourself, Family, Work, Adventures & Everything Else That Matters

As you remove all blockages preventing the free flow of vital energy, you will start having more energy for yourself, your family and friends. You will have energy and motivation for doing things you’ve ever wanted. You will serve a source of inspiration to people you really care about.

05. Heal, Rejuvenate & Recover Much Faster

By incorporating Juna Pablo’s wisdom, teachings, exercises and routines to your daily life, you will heal, recover and rejuvenate on all levels much faster in times of various health challenges.

06. Be A Role Model Of Health For Your Children & Family

Become a healthy role model for your children and for your entire family. You’ll enjoy a better, more playful life with your children, inspire your loved ones, and set a healthy example for everyone in your family.

07. Effortlessly Find Quality Time For Yourself

This guided journey will immediately show you how you can effortlessly find time for yourself. You’ll be able to mediate, exercise or just have some quiet time to relax by yourself.

In taking this time for yourself, you’ll experience a happier and healthier mindset, relieve anxiety, boost creativity and make better decisions for a much clearer and stronger mindset.

08. Live A Better, Happier & Longer Life Filled With Purpose

Not only will you harmonize and bring to balance all aspects of your being from within, but also it will result in a more balanced and harmonic life.

You will start living a better, happier, healthier and longer life. Every day.

09. Free Yourself From All Unhealthy Habits & Self-Sabotaging Behaviors

You will detoxify your body, mind, and spirit from all toxicity that you consume and let in through harmful habits and addictions to restart and renew yourself for ultimate and vibrant health.

You will start living a healthy lifestyle naturally as it will become your natural state of living a happy and joyful life.

10. Burn Unhealthy Fat Stuck In Your Body

You will start burning all excessive fat in your cells that store the information on past traumas and toxins that no longer serve your highest good through a hyper-effective fat burn modality that Juan Pablo will teach you.

11. Become More Self-Confident & Courageous

You will boost your confidence and anchor it in your body through special muscle exercises that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine to walk your path with total confidence and divinity.

12. Improve Your Overall Performance & Focus At Workspace

Your overall performance will be at its peak, and you will become more focused on your professional goals.

13. Start Living In A State Of Quantum Flow

You will start living without resistance, with total trust in yourself and the Universe, in the state of quantum flow connected to your higher purpose.

14. Embody A Higher Sense Of Self-Worth, Self-Love & Self-Acceptance

All breakthroughs, growth and manifestations in your external reality come from within your internal reality. As within, so without. During this Journey you’ll be reprogramming, rewiring and upgrading yourself and your inner world deeply and profoundly.


Explore The Curriculum


The Quantum Health 8-week journey guides you through an easy-to-follow 8-week curriculum.

Each of the 8 weeks focuses on harmonizing each aspect of your well-being, from your physical body and mind, to more subtle aspects such as your emotions and spirit.

And as you gradually move from one facet to another, you will be tapping into the quantum field activating so-called quantum flow, one of the unique and advanced modalities that Juan Pablo uses.

Everything you will experience is based on Juan Pablo’s most effective techniques and advanced modalities for activating and most importantly integrating Quantum Health which have been proven and time-tested to work like magic for thousands of people.

All weekly lessons exercises and guided activations will be delivered by Juan Pablo through the pre-recorded media and video sessions.

Each week is organized into 3 core elements:

  • Lesson Days: Every week you start on Monday with a lesson that highlights the main focus of the week. On your lesson day, you learn and expand your knowledge on specific aspect of Quantum Health with your guide JuanPa. You get a video lesson from JuanPa, and the assignment that you are encouraged to complete to start embodying the teachings and lessons in your daily life.
  • Practice Days: from Tuesday to Saturday. Starting from Tuesday until Saturday, you will be practicing the teachings. This is when you do physical exercises such as breathwork or body movements, as well as energy work through meditations or activations guided by JuanPa.
  • Reflection Days: Every Sunday you end your week by reflecting on your past week’s experiences, results, transformations and insights. This is when you take ample time to process and integrate the new level of consciousness.

  • WEEK 1: Elevating Your Present Awareness

In your Week 1, you will be bringing awareness and acceptance to where you are currently at. And from that place, you will be cultivating presence through the mind, body, and breath.


Highlights include:

  • Getting an awareness of where you are at
  • Grounding Into The Moment
  • Observation Of Your Own Presence
  • Emotional, mental, physical, energetic mindfulness: how to assess your states from various dimensions
  • Cultivating presence through the mind, body and breath

  • WEEK 2: Detoxing Your Body, Mind, and Emotions

In your Week 2, you will be detoxing your body, mind, and emotions from everything that doesn’t serve your vibrant state of being including harmful habits and self-sabotaging patterns.

Highlights include:

  • Importance of abstinence from artificial substances, harsh chemicals
  • Mental & emotional toxins
  • How to support body into releasing toxins: food, stagnant emotions, blocked energy
  • How to balance your diet in alignment with Circadian Rhythms to optimize your digestive fire
  • WEEK 3: Activating Your Core & Nervous System

In your Week 3, you will be working with your core to activate your nervous system.

Highlights include:

  • Core principles of self-healing
  • How is your core related to your body and your life
  • How to attune to Universal pulsation – pulsation in quantum / unified field
  • Understanding your nervous system, liver (every 12 hours, your nervous system self-regulates)
  • WEEK 4: Expanding Your Inner Glow

In your Week 4, you will be creating space in your body, exploring and expanding your inner light and radiance from within.

Highlights include:

  • Biophotons and bio-chemical reactions in your body
  • Expansion and creating space in the experience of your body
  • Exploring lightness and expansion in pelvic floor, heart, and core
  • Appreciating the qualities of your soul
  • WEEK 5: Optimizing Your Flow

In your Week 5, you will be tapping into flow and your natural state of self-healing

Highlights include:

  • Amplifying energy flow through all meridians
  • Triggering peak performance
  • Removing blockages in Qi or Life Force Energy
  • Attuning to the universal flow of synchronicities
  • WEEK 6: Entering Your Centre & Balance

In your Week 6, you will be connecting to your higher purpose and finding your center and balance.

Highlights include:

  • Finding your center & balance
  • Connecting with your purpose
  • Methods for optimal focus
  • Chakra Flow
  • WEEK 7: Expressing Your Divine Truth

In your Week 7, you will be tapping deep into your authenticity and divine self-expression

Highlights include:

  • Expressing your deep authenticity
  • Tapping into your Soul’s truth
  • Rewiring yourself to quantum health on a cellular level
  • WEEK 8: Integrating & Bringing Everything Together

In your final Week 8, you will be integrating all experiences into one to live in total balance and alignment.

Highlights include:

  • Remembrance of living in unity
  • Embodying your higher self on a physical level
  • Achieving incorruptible balance, alignment and quantum flow

Enroll Now & Get These Two Bonus Features

BONUS #1: 7 Premium Group Immersions with Juan Pablo Barahona

Group Immersions are the most unique, transformational and immersive Meditations, Activations and Healing experiences on the planet, designed to help you connect with yourself like never before, and elevate specific aspects of your life.

Embodying Quantum Health

In this Group Immersion, Juan Pablo helps you activate supreme healing, health and well-being on physical, mental, spiritual and emotional levels.

Activating Your Divine Masculine

In this Group Immersion, Juan Pablo helps you awaken and harness the power of your divine masculine energy so you can become more confident, decisive, proactive and courageous in everything you do.

Embodying Wealth Codes

In this Group Immersion, Juan Pablo helps you release anything that prevents you from embodying wealth codes and transcending survival mode that is unnatural to your divine essence.

Activating Your 12 Strand DNA

In this Group Immersion, Juan Pablo helps you awaken your higher potential and activate your superhuman abilities to heal, evolve, manifest and thrive.

Amplifying The Power Of Your Soul

In this Group Immersion, Juan Pablo helps you connect with yourself, your soul, your inner alchemy, your purpose and your calling in the physical plane.

Morning Group Immersion

In this Group Immersion, Juan Pablo helps you experience your natural state of high vibration and connectedness to your Higher Self, Heart of the Earth and Source.

Evening Group Immersion

In this Group Immersion, Juan Pablo helps you experience profound gratefulness for your breath and beingness expanding your awareness to everything that is stuck in your body, relaxing it and releasing any tension.


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