Metaphors and Distinctions with Jason Goldberg


What You Will Learn This Month

Welcome to Metaphors and Distinctions with Jason Goldberg!

He will show you how to create powerful insights and behavioral change in your clients through Metaphors and Distinctions.

When a client is stuck, there is a creative and strategic disconnect from what they think is the problem or where the problem originated or their confusion or uncertainty or overwhelm around solving it and this can be totally shifted with a good metaphor or distinction.

It bypasses the “I know mind” and resistance and gets our clients to access a level of creativity that is always available but feels blocked when we are too close to and too focused on the problem.

Metaphor, story, and distinctions not only give a roadmap and blueprint but because they in a sense simplify and potentially lighten the situation, it immediately increases our level of clarity, calm, creativity, consciousness and confidence in dealing with it.

Metaphors and distinctions paint pictures that the direct teaching of a concept just can’t do. It means it will also be more effective for them to RECALL and APPLY the concept far after they are introduced to it in a coaching session.

At the end of the day, we are looking to give our clients any new lens we possibly can to view the world as that is the first step to their world-changing.

This month, you will learn about:

  1. Metaphors
  2. Distinctions
  3. When to use them and how to create them

Plus, you will:

  • See Jason applying these skills on a coaching session.
  • Access to all his tools so you can improve your Metaphors and Distinctions skills!

About Jason Goldberg

What does an award-winning entrepreneur, a TEDx Speaker, a bacon-atarian (thats a vegetarian who still eats bacon), a funky sock lover, a former rapper (who opened for the Wu-Tang Clan – YES, really!) and a previously 332lb man (who has since lost over 130lbs despite his affinity for bacon) have in common?

They are all the same guy!

Jason Goldberg (JG for short) is the King of Playful Sales, Success and Self- Leadership. He is a geek, turned entrepreneur, international speaker, EDU- trainer, creator of the “Playful Prosperity” Program and author of the #1 International Best-Seller on (SELF) Leadership: “Prison Break: Vanquish the Victim, Own Your Obstacles, and Lead Your Life”

After spending nearly 15 years in technology, followed by co-founding an award-winning executive transportation company and then serving as CEO of a technology commercialization firm in partnership with NASA, JG decided that there was something more he could be doing to make an impact in people’s lives and businesses.

He now blends his love of personal growth, comedy (and sometimes even rap music), with his speaking, training, and workshops to help people open their minds, transform their lives and businesses and pee their pants from laughter (…okay maybe not literally on that last one, but no judgment if it happens).

JG brings the Aha’s and the Haha’s to thousands of aspiring and inspiring leaders, entrepreneurs, and groups every year to create the mindset and the skill set to become powerful Self-Leaders, be more prosperous, have more fun and create a bigger impact in the world!

Frequent Questions

  • Is the price in dollars? A: Yes, it is value is in dollars (USD)
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  • Is the price for the full value of the course? A: Yes, you pay only once.
  • What will I get when I buy in this Store? A: You will get the full course, videos, audios, and course files that are stored in our own backup cloud.
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