Mastering The Power Of Breath with Niraj Naik


Join Niraj Naik & Hundreds Of Students On A 33-Day Program To Recharge Yourself On All Levels With The Power Of Your Breath, Accelerate Your Self-Healing & Rejuvenation & Start Living Full Of Youthful Energy

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Join Niraj Naik & Hundreds Of Students On An Extraordinary 33-Day Program To Discover How To Master The Power Of Your Breath To Supercharge Your Health, Unleash Your Higher Intuition & Make Yourself Ultra Productive


The Mastering The Power of Your Breath Journey guides you through an easy-to-follow 33-day curriculum. Each of these days focuses on a key phase in elevating your subconscious operating system and even your autonomic nervous system so you can heal faster, manifest smarter and awaken to your true self.

Under the hood, this Journey takes you through the best of Niraj’s Rolodex of spiritual tools—breathwork, brain-training, affirmations, guided mental imagery techniques, and self-hypnosis—all that he personally used to self-heal a chronic illness and also manifest an incredible ever-growing life training instructors and students on a global scale.

All daily lessons exercises and guided activations will be delivered by Niraj Naik through the pre-recorded audio and video sessions.

Each module is organized into 2 core elements:

1. Lesson Day: This will be a lecture day – and you’ll understand the ‘why’ behind what you’re going to do for the week. And will learn how to use the tools that you’re getting. Plus, there will be an assignment that you are encouraged to complete so you can start embodying the teachings and lessons in your daily life.

2. Practice Days: You will be practicing specific exercises that push you through key phases in your journey. This will be various incredible musical breathwork experiences as well as active guided visualizations.

This Is How The “Mastering the Power of Breath” 33-Day Program Is Structured So You Get Fast, Lasting Results In The Shortest Time Possible


  • Module 1: Initiating The Power Of Breathwork

In this module, after a quick introduction and back story, you’ll discover the first few protocols for using Breathwork to accelerate your results—from conquering your fears to setting powerful intentions. This gives you immediate tools that you could start practicing with. And then you’ll get a big picture of what you’ll experience in the rest of the modules.

Highlights include:

  • How to control your fears: you’ll be guided through an exercise to eliminate the fears that are holding you back from unleashing the best you.
  • How to set intentions for your perfect day: Now that the fears are under control, you’ll start setting big intentions for your life.
  • How to ensure you get miraculous results: You’ll learn about what’s actually possible with Breathwork and the amazing story of healing and manifestations by Niraj.
  • How to leverage your breathwork results with music: You’ll learn how to use breathwork powerfully to transform your health, immunity, your productivity and more.
  • Module 2: Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind
  • Welcome to the deep world of your subconscious mind. Here you’ll learn how to “load” your breath with intentions and make breathwork a complete lifestyle system. You’ll learn how to use both your waking and sleep state—the whole 24 hrs in a day—to accelerate your breathwork results. You’ll also learn deep release techniques to restore your mind.

    Highlights include:

    • How to empower your breath: You’ll never feel the same about your breath. Because every breath you take becomes a powerful opportunity to transform a little part of you. That’s what you’ll discover here.
    • How to deep program the subconscious: You’ll learn how the subconscious actually works and how, with a simple programming protocol, the subconscious becomes as soft as watered down clay, ready to transform into any shape that you give it.
    • How to leverage the power of breathwork during sleep: Sleep is one of the most important opportunities for you to transform. You’ll learn how to use breathwork techniques for leveraging the power of sleep.
    • How meta program your mind: Meta programming is creating mental shortcuts to make decision making easy, remove bad habits, control behaviors, get things done and interact well with others. And you’ll have tools to do all that.
  • Module 3: Layers of Energetic Circuits
  • In this module you’ll start working with your energy. First you’ll learn to work with the various energetic circuits in your body. Then you’ll use breathwork to empower the weak links in your energetic circuits. Then you’ll learn how to enter the phase 1 of awakening with full empowerment.

    Highlights include:

    • How to scan your energetic circuits: You’ll learn this wonderful protocol for scanning your energy for weakness and use the tools to restore the energy in the areas.
    • How to leverage your energetic circuits to empower your day: You’ll get the tools and protocols to empower your day—so you can be more, do more and give more.
    • How to enter phase 1 awakening: You’ll get initiated into the first phase of awakening with an advanced breathwork protocol.
  • Module 4: Embodying Conscious Breathing
  • You’ll be entering the “intense” stage of the journey with module 3. You’ll learn various breathwork protocols for controlling different chemicals in your body—from oxygen levels in your organs to red blood cells to the ATP in the mitochondria of your cells. And then when you’re about to finish, you’ll go a step further to activate your stem cells using a bunch of hypoxic protocols.

    Highlights include:

    • How to avoid oxidative stress in your body: Studies show having the oxygen levels within an optimal range improves cell functions. That’s why it’s important you learn to avoid overloading the system with oxygen.
    • How to enhance the functions of your cells: Red blood cells transport oxygen to produce energy and help mitochondria produce carbon dioxide. You’ll get breathwork protocols to make this whole process vastly efficient.
    • How to cultivate oxygen efficiency: There are some powerful ways to control your oxygen intake to ensure that your body and brain functions optimally. You’ll be practicing those techniques in great depth.
    • How to activate your stem cells: You’ll learn about the hypoxic state and various protocols for hypoxic training to kick-start the active state in your stem cells.
  • Module 5: Breathing Into Your Ideal Reality
  • This is the part where things get really interesting. You’ll learn how to put all of the techniques together and start manifesting your ideal reality. But, knowing you’ll get excited, you’ll also get specific protocols to tap into your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system to remain calm. You’ll learn how to maintain heart coherence while holding on to the vision of your ideal reality.

    Highlights include:

    • How to tap into your nervous system: This is key to turning your vision into reality. Using breathwork protocols, you’ll stimulate the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system to kickstart a powerful manifesting process.
    • How to permanently avoid the flight-fight response: Your manifesting process would work smoothly and perfectly if you avoid your mind occasionally slipping into the flight-fight response. The secret is controlling your adrenaline production.
    • How to establish heart coherence: Heart coherence turns your energetic core into a powerful magnet that attracts your ideal reality. You’ll learn how to create a rhythm in your breathing to create a healthy pattern in your heart energy.
    • How to use directed neurogenesis to rewire your brain: You’ll learn breathwork protocols to trigger neurogenesis in your brain and also activate anti-ageing genes.
    • How to powerfully turn your intentions to reality: You’ll learn the breathwork formula for raising your emotions, maintain heart coherence, enhance the brain state and ultimately create an energetic imprint in your brain stem to manifest your perfect reality.
  • Module 6: Optimizing Your Life Force Energy
  • Life force energy forms the basis of the very reality we live in. All healing and manifestations won’t have much effect if the life force energy is not aligned. That’s what you’ll learn to do in this module. Plus, you’ll also learn how to transmute your sexual energy into life force energy.

    Highlights include:

    • How to empower your root chakra: You’ll learn to tap into your root chakra and energize it and release trapped energies to make your personal energy powerful. This powerful process will exponentially liberate your energy.
    • How to transmute your sexual energy: Sexual energy is one of the most powerful forces in life. You’ll learn how to channel that into the river of your life-force energy to become a master creator.
    • How to harness your life-force energy: Now that your life-force energy is maximized, you’ll get the protocols for harnessing it to enter the phase 2 of awakening.
  • Module 7: Activating Your Inner Avatar
  • One of the very persistent energies in your energy field is that of your inner avatar. Even after turning your reality around on the outside, this inner avatar can stand in crossways. That’s why this entire module is dedicated to identify, transform and embody your inner avatar.

    Highlights include:

    • How to identify your inner avatar: You’ll get the protocols for scanning your avatar and identifying the different avatars that may be present. Acknowledging your avatars this way is a powerful first step in transforming it.
    • How to transform the default mode of your avatar: The default mode of your inner avatars defines your average energy. Transforming this helps you transform your whole energy field.
    • How to awaken your dormant avatars: Some of your most empowering avatars can be asleep in the depths of your consciousness. You’ll learn how to activate them in a way that gives new meaning to everything you do in life
    • How to awaken the hidden parts of your brain: There are hidden centers in your brain that when activated will help you see the world in purely light terms—similar to a psychedelic experience. You’ll learn how to activate these centers.
    • How to choose the best characteristics for your avatar: You’ll learn how to summon a higher council of spirits with the best characteristics and choose from them what you like for your inner avatar. And get the protocols for infusing those into your inner avatar.
  • Module 8: Chanting Into Creation
  • Starting with this module, you’ll ease into creation. First of the methods you’ll learn is how to combine chanting with breathwork and how to enable seamless manifestation. As part of the easing process, you’ll also learn how to control your vagus nerve system.

    Highlights include:

    • How to leverage the power of AUM: This syllable encompasses the whole of the creation process. You’ll learn how to allow the creation process to carry on like clockwork. You’ll also learn how to surrender into the creative power of AUM.
    • How to stimulate your vagus nerve system: The vagus nerve is the longest of the nerve systems and it controls the parasympathetic nervous system, which in turn controls all our communication and senses. You’ll learn the breathwork protocols to stimulate this nerve system to bridge your physical senses with the energy of the universe.
    • How to use the Dantien energies: Dantien system is a concept in Qigong that pinpoints the places where universal energy flows in your body. By working with this system, you’ll learn how to draw more energy from the universe to assist you in creation.
  • Module 9: Transmuting Your Fears
  • As you enter the final stages of the phase 2 of awakening, more deeper fears will come into play. In this module, you’ll be transmuting those with the “suspension of breath” breathwork practices that’ll clear any feelings of fear in your energy field. You’ll do this for both rational and irrational fears in your system.

    Highlights include:

    • How to manage your subtle emotions: When you become aware, you’ll be sensitive to subtle emotional changes. That’s why it’s important for you to learn how to manage those emotions—which are very fine forms of depression, anxiety and sadness.
    • How to eliminate the fear of missing out: This is one of those things that derail the most perfectly aligned goals, intentions and manifestations. If not curbed, this can lead to jumping the gun (or pulling the seeds out too early to check) in your manifestations. You’ll know exactly what to do when these happen.
    • How to switch on and off your reptilian brain: Even though initially you’ll have shut the reptilian brain off with breathwork practices, that part of the brain serves a very important purpose. You’ll learn when to turn it on. And instead of uncontrolled responses, you’ll learn how to precisely control the activation of the reptilian brain when you need it.
  • Module 10: Activating Your Light Body
  • By now, you will have mastered the first two phases of awakening with breathwork. In this module, you’ll enter phase three and the higher spiritual dimensions and activate the different hidden and dormant centers which are linked to those dimensions. You’ll learn how to activate certain cell functions and get the various glands to generate hormones and also activate the third eye.

    Highlights include:

    • How to use IHT to control your glandsIHT is one of the breathwork techniques you’ve already mastered. And you’ll learn how to use it to turn on and off the endocrine glands to regulate the activity of cells and organs.
    • How to manage ATP production in MitochondriaATP is the secret to the energy you feel every day and it’s also what helps you connect to your light body. You’ll learn how to use IHT to ramp up ATP production.
    • How to activate your third eye & pineal gland: Activating the third eye and pineal gland basically opens up psychic abilities in you. And this also helps with activating your light body.
    • How to activate your light body: These techniques may not generate results at first try. But with practice you’ll start feeling your light body and start using it to manifest changes on a planetary scale.
  • Module 11: Awaken The Soma Within
  • According to the ancient Hindu and Zoroastrian legends, Soma is the mysterious substance that grants immortality to the soul. Although no records exist as to what this substance is, you can, at this stage of your awakening, feel the soma within you—a persistent feeling that you’re not just a human being but part of an infinitely vast immortal spirit. You’ll learn how to connect with this unnamable essence of all that is.

    Highlights include:

    • How to leverage the power of AUM: This syllable encompasses the whole of the creation process. You’ll learn how to allow the creation process to carry on like clockwork. You’ll also learn how to surrender into the creative power of AUM.
    • How to stimulate your vagus nerve system: The vagus nerve is the longest of the nerve systems and it controls the parasympathetic nervous system, which in turn controls all our communication and senses. You’ll learn the breathwork protocols to stimulate this nerve system to bridge your physical senses with the energy of the universe.
    • How to use the Dantien energies: Dantien system is a concept in Qigong that pinpoints the places where universal energy flows in your body. By working with this system, you’ll learn how to draw more energy from the universe to assist you in creation.

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