Mastering Authentic Networking by Keith Ferrazzi (english)

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Transform Your Career & Life With The Power Of Authentic Relationships

This is a program for anyone looking to expand their reach, grow their network and build an alliance of connections globally.

Through the Mastering Authentic Networking program, you gain a remarkable framework anyone can use to nurture a personal network of authentic and transformational relationships. Even if you’ve never considered yourself a “people” person. And even in a world where the rules of human connection are evolving at breakneck speed.

In today’s world, whether it’s about growing within your career, starting a business or moving towards your goals — you can’t strike it alone.

This program is about learning how to build a powerful network of allies across all areas of your life so you become unstoppable, well-connected, and move towards your goals and career progression faster than you ever dreamed possible.


How to Create a Powerful Global Network for Yourself: The Ferrrazzi Approach.

Keith Ferrazzi is the world’s leading networking expert. And through the Mastering Authentic Networking program, you’ll be guided through his signature curriculum of networking training and tools: the same ones he uses in private high-end coaching sessions with elite leaders and policymakers, professionals, multinational companies, and even presidential candidates.

At the heart of the Mastering Authentic Networking is Keith’s universal networking formula: a perfectly optimized and easy-to-follow process that anyone – even the shyest, most nervous individual – can use to build a network of genuine and uplifting relationships with people from any walk of life:

Attracting the Right People

Knowing how to create relationships with new, inspiring people who can change the playing field you’re on today.

Deepening the Connection

Taking your contacts and acquaintances, and developing far more authentic and meaningful connections with them.

Broadening Your Network

Evolving your closest relationships into your personal anchors and ambassadors who are eager to introduce you to others, and play a big part in your success.

Co-Elevating Others

Developing a rich mutual network of collaborative partners and allies who are committed to uplifting each other to previously unreachable heights.

Keith’s experience and expertise make him arguably the most qualified person on earth to teach networking. In fact if there are any world-class business or professional leaders you look up to, there’s a high chance they’re influenced by Keith.

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Keith Ferrazzi, Creator Of Authentic Networking


Keith Ferrazzi is recognized as the world’s foremost leader in professional relationship development.

His two New York Times bestsellers, Never Eat Alone and Who’s Got Your Back? are widely regarded as the ‘business bibles’ of networking and building positive business relationships.

Keith FerrazziIn fact if there are any world-class business or professional leaders you look up to, there’s a high chance they’re influenced by Keith.

Through his consulting firm and coaching programs, Keith has spent the past two decades training the world’s top professionals and companies – including Reuters, eBay, Dun & Bradstreet, the X Prize Foundation, and many more.

The Mastering Authentic Networking program represents the first time Keith is sharing his networking techniques developed for the world’s biggest companies and C-level executives – so you too can become a master of relationships, skyrocket your career and life to unimaginable heights, and even help others along the way.

Trainer Credentials

  • Founder of Ferrazzi Greenlight, a Los Angeles-based research and consulting firm
  • Regarded as “one of the world’s most connected individuals” by Forbes and Inc, and a “Global Leader of Tomorrow” by the World Economic Forum
  • Collaborated with Zappos’ Tony Hsieh and Groupon’s Brad Keywell to launch Yoi: a digital onboarding tool for managers.
  • A frequent contributor to Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Fortune, and many other leading publications.

What You’ll Learn

  1. Supercharge Your Network:

    Harness Keith’s strategies to rapidly build a wide network of authentic, inspiring, and high-quality relationships with people from any walk of life. As the popular quote goes, «you are the sum of the people you’re closest to». Imagine who you could be as you uplevel and grow your network.

  2. Connect With The People Who Matter:

    Discover how to quickly identify and effortlessly connect with key individuals who’ll contribute to your growth and open you to new opportunities. This isn’t opportunistic, rather you’ll learn how to give value first.

  3. Elevate Your Career:

    Tap into your network to unlock extraordinary career growth, tackle bigger challenges, and boost your overall performance and effectiveness at work.

  4. Make A Bigger Impact:

    Master the art of setting up mutually beneficial collaborations that create positive outcomes exponentially greater than what you could accomplish alone. Our world today is too complex for any one person to do great things without the collaboration of others.

  5. Nurture Better Friendships:

    Learn how to be your most authentic, vulnerable, and charismatic self – so you can deeply connect with anyone regardless of social standing.

  6. Never Be Lonely Again

    Curate and nurture a tribe of supportive friends who genuinely care for you, and who inspire and uplift you with their presence.

  7. Become A Better Leader:

    Great leaders are connected leaders. Discover how to apply your network to lead, motivate, and empower the people around you.

  8. Expand Your Influence:

    Gain new platforms to share your ideas and contributions – and become a sought-after thought leader in your field of expertise.

The Curriculum

Explore The Mastering Authentic Networking Curriculum

The Mastering Authentic Networking program guides you through a 21-day process designed to simulate one-on-one coaching with Keith Ferrazzi. On each of these days, Keith himself will guide you through a series of lessons and exercises that rapidly supercharge your confidence, charisma, persuasion skills, empathy, and every other measure of what it takes to be a brilliant networker.

Whether you’re an outgoing people person or an introvert, you’ll rapidly grow your own authentic networking as Keith coaches you daily with the same tools he uses to train the world’s most successful and connected people.

In just 20 minutes a day, you’ll notice tangible breakthroughs as you progress through the program. You’ll gain the ability to present yourself both confidently and authentically. Striking up spirited conversations will become second nature. And people will even find themselves drawn to you, every time you walk into a room. All because you’re finally mastering today’s most vital asset in business and in life: relationships.

Master ing Authentic Networking on various devices


Warmup: The Power Of Tribe

Before the Quest begins, you’ll join Keith on a series of warmup sessions designed to prepare you for the Quest, and reap the best possible rewards from it. You’ll also have the opportunity to assess the current state of your relationships, so you can grow from where you are to where you need to be.

Highlights include:

  • Why you don’t need to be a ‘people person’ to be a people person. As you’ll discover, anyone has the power to build an extraordinary network – even if being with others give you jitters.
  • Do you know your Massively Transformational Purpose? Use this formula by Peter Diamandis to align with your unique purpose, and use it to fuel your network and your growth.
  • How to shift your limiting beliefs around networking. You can’t go far if part of you believes it’s about ‘using’ or ‘manipulating’ people. Here’s how to rise above those limiting beliefs.
  • A success maximization action plan. Follow these steps to get breakthrough results with the Quest: the kind that will create deep, tangible improvements in your life, and stick with you permanently.
  • The Authentic Networking Growth Survey. Use this intuitive assessment tool to accurately gauge your current networking skills, and illuminate the areas you need to focus on to break through your barriers.


How To Create A Deep Connection With Anyone

Your Quest begins with a series of simple yet astonishingly effective techniques you can use to instantly think differently, act differently, and show up in a way that forms a deep connection with anyone from any walk of life: even those you might think are ‘above’ you. The paradigm shifts you experience in this first week will shatter your limiting beliefs surrounding relationships, and leave you with more confidence and personal power than you ever thought possible.

Highlights include:

  • The 3 most important mind shifts for relationship success. The world’s most successful people embody these simple habits every day – and soon, so will you.
  • Are you audacious enough? How to make bold gestures that break the ice with even the most successful of people – and instantly build rapport with them.
  • 5 ingenious ways to be more generous to others. Learn how you can ramp up your service to others, and receive far more in return.
  • The 6 deadly mistakes of networking. Here’s how to avoid these common ‘networking jerk’ missteps at all costs.
  • A proven 6-step framework for upgrading your communication skills. Follow Keith’s simple steps, and watch as people start hanging onto your every word.
  • And many more lessons on creating deep, meaningful connections.


The Science & Art Of Managing Your New Network

Nurturing your networks over the long run is a critical skill that will pay you immense dividends. In week 2 you’ll discover how to evolve your new connections into deep, authentic, mutually beneficial relationships that can last a lifetime. Even if you struggled with keeping in touch with others in the past, what you learn in this week will allow you to effortlessly manage even the largest groups of people, without overwhelming yourself in the process.

Highlights include:

  • Building your Relationship Action Plan (RAP). An intuitive approach to identifying and strengthening the relationships most vital to your success.
  • How to create intimacy in 2 minutes or less. Whether it’s with a stranger or an acquaintance, follow these steps for a lighting-quick connection.
  • Making you accountable to your growth To keep you on track, you’ll have the opportunity to pair up with your very own accountability partner from your fellow Quest students.
  • What do people really think about you? Use these 9 techniques to gracefully receive instant and honest feedback from the people around you (including insights they may not have wanted to share otherwise).
  • Supercharging your network through Superconnectors. Discover how to find and connect with high-value individuals who know large groups of people (and even turn them into your personal ambassadors).
  • And many more lessons on nurturing your networks over the long run.


Becoming The Superconnector Of Your Network

In the final phase of your Quest, you’ll learn to grow yourself into a Superconnector: one of those special individuals that everyone knows, wants to get close to, and is often the focal point of all connections within their domain. Something magical happens once you’ve elevated yourself to this high-value status: instead of having to look for networking opportunities, those opportunities will automatically and consistently gravitate towards you.

Highlights include:

  • Creating the Legend of You. Discover how to tell your story, build your personal brand, and create a consistent positive image of yourself in the minds of people you meet (and even people you have yet to meet).
  • Harvesting limitless wisdom from your network. How would you grow if you could quickly and consistently find the most valuable information from the most influential people in your tribe? Just follow these steps.
  • How to never again eat alone. Use Keith’s 15 tips for hosting dinner parties so unforgettable, you’ll have people lining up to grab a bite with you.
  • Become a king or queen of conferences. Whether you’re speaking on stage or working the crowd, use these 15 tips to shine at any conference, and return home with new connections worth far more than the ticket price.
  • Don’t just co-create, co-elevate. Harness these principles to uplift every person you meet, and who is in turn uplifted by each of your connections. Do this, and the collective energy of your network will elevate you to unimaginable heights.
  • And many more lessons on becoming a Superconnector.

Bonus Included Only When You Join Today

2x Live Group Coaching Calls With Keith Ferrazzi

 Keith Ferrazzi

Join Keith Ferrazzi himself on these post-program group calls, as he answers all your questions and helps solve any challenges you may face throughout the program – so you can enjoy optimal results and emerge as the best authentic networker you can be.

Keith normally charges thousands of dollars per hour for live coaching calls like this one. But it’s yours absolutely free when you join the next intake of the Mastering Authentic Networking program.

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