Course Pro by Jimmy Naraine


Build online courses that transform, sell, and make an impact with Mindvalley founder Vishen and top Udemy instructor Jimmy Naraine

Master the art of building bestselling online courses with two of today’s leading course creators: Jimmy Naraine, who has trained 300,000+ people on Udemy, and Mindvalley Founder Vishen, whose courses have earned nearly $500,000,000 in revenue

7.1 hours OF TRAINING

The future of learning is now: and we’ve saved you a spot in it

If you have a message or knowledge to share with the world, there’s no better time than now to make your voice heard.

Because in a time where university enrollments are declining, people are hungrier than ever for new skills and fast knowledge, and education technology is growing year on year…

Online courses have made it easier and more lucrative than ever for anyone to build a passionate audience. Get recognized as a leading expert. And even unlock an abundant income stream, plus the freedom to work whenever and from wherever.

Could there be a world-class course creator in you?

 + Maybe you’ve tried creating a course.

+ Maybe you’ve got a potentially brilliant idea for one.

+ Or maybe you’re still wondering if you have enough confidence and credibility to even make one (spoiler: you absolutely do).

Wherever you’re at in your journey as a creator: the Course Pro program gives you a proven system to create courses that make a life-changing impact.

And to build one, you don’t need Hollywood-level talent or charisma. Or expensive recording equipment. And you don’t even need to be a legend in your field.

All you need is a desire to share… and a proven system.

In Course Pro, you’re handed the exact system Mindvalley applies to create our best-in-class programs used by millions worldwide. And that Jimmy Naraine has perfected to become one of the world’s leading course creation experts while freedompreneuring around the planet.

For the first time ever, we’re taking you behind the scenes to show you exactly how today’s best courses are built: and how you too can create your very own bestselling course that elevates countless lives – including your own.

Students Icon 245 STUDENTS ENROLLED Icons Of Recognition 16,781 STORIES ON MINDVALLEY

Master the secrets of course creation from the people who create the world’s best courses

Vishen and Jimmy are the creators of many of today’s highest reviewed and bestselling courses: and in Course Pro, you’re guided through every step of how they do it.

First, you’re uplifted with the confidence and mindset you need to unleash your uniqueness and put yourself out there – even if your only experience of being on camera is sending birthday messages.

Second, you go deep into the architecture of a transformational and unputdownable course that your students will effortlessly consume from start to finish.

Third, you learn how to work with video, audio, and other easily accessible multimedia tools to produce a mesmerizing, high-production quality course on a surprisingly low budget.

Fourth, you’re equipped with proven marketing and promotion strategies that elevate your course far above the competition and maximize its reach and revenue.

Whether you’re looking for a career breakthrough, greater expertise and influence in your chosen field, or even a whole new career and income stream as a creator: Course Pro is a gateway to achieving your fullest potential and impact.

The Curriculum

Explore the Course Pro curriculum

Course Pro is an online program that guides you through every step of Vishen and Jimmy Naraine’s proven system for creating bestselling online courses.

Throughout 27 days, you’ll join Vishen and Jimmy in easy-to-follow daily video lessons that equip you with the tools, frameworks, strategies, and even the identity shifts you need to build a world-class course.

This program is accessible to anyone and everyone with a message to share. You don’t need any fancy equipment or an expensive studio. Nor do you need any prior experience in teaching or course creation.

And by the end, you’ll emerge with the complete skillset and mindset you need to create, publish, and promote your bestselling online course in record time.

Course Pro on multiple devices

Available on your personal computer, tablet, smartphone & Apple TV

Most people go their whole lives without nurturing the courage and clarity to fully share their unique gifts with the world. Part 1 guides you through the steps for awakening your inner creator, unraveling your unique style, and building an authentic personal brand that draws people in.

Highlights include:

  • Building your vision as a creator: this vision will serve as your rocket fuel and your backbone as you grow yourself and your message to their fullest potential.
  • The no. 1 step to take if you lack confidence: a lack of confidence trips up most people before they even get started – but not you, when you use this simple technique.
  • How to spot and overcome toxic perfectionism: perfectionism can seem like a good thing, but not when it stops you from taking steps and making progress.
  • And much more.

Every day, more courses are being created, new platforms are being launched, while advertising rules are ever-changing: which means having the right promotion strategy puts you at a huge advantage compared to those who don’t know what they’re doing. Part 4 gives you that strategy based on what’s working best now, and what will continue to work in future.

Highlights include:

  • How to create a landing page that prints money for your course: get a proven, minimal-tech-skills-needed landing page template that harnesses consumer psychology and human emotion to convert your leads into hungry buyers.
  • The million-dollar course launch: discover the formula used by today’s top course publishers to craft consistently high-engagement, high-converting, and high-earning course launches with minimal time spent.
  • Creating years of passive income with your course: use this long-term strategy to sustain the momentum of your course, and draw in new students for it, months and even years after its launch.
  • And much more.

Jimmy Naraine, leading course creator & teacher

Jimmy NaraineJimmy Naraine is the world’s top authority on course creation. He is a top-rated Udemy author, entrepreneur, and speaker with over 300,000 students online.

After working for companies such as Goldman Sachs, he realized that the corporate path wasn’t his calling and started creating courses.

Since 2013, his online courses have received over 33,000 official 5/5 ratings on Udemy and have received multiple mentions by publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Business Insider.

Jimmy also believes that life is not just about business and building courses. For a decade, Jimmy has explored 76+ countries and has been exploring unconventional paths ever since.

From training Muay Thai in Thailand, surfing in Bali, hiking the Himalayas, exploring Colombian jungles, to ice baths in frozen lakes – he has been doing it all while running his businesses full time.

Mindvalley is proud to release our very own quest on creating successful online courses and empowering creators all across the world to share their unique gifts with the world.

Vishen, founder of Mindvalley

VishenVishen is the Founder of Mindvalley: the world’s largest personal growth company, with over 12 million students worldwide and almost half a billion dollars in course sales.

A bestselling international author and speaker, he is regarded as one of the leading experts in the field of human development.

Vishen and his team of 250 education innovators at Mindvalley have created many of the world’s foremost programs, apps, and events in the field of human development: including Mindvalley University, Omvana, A-Fest, Soulvana, the 6 Phase Meditation, and more.

In addition to serving millions globally, Vishen leads Mindvalley in training Fortune 500 companies, governments, professional athletes and celebrities, and other top performers around the world.

Through the Course Pro program, Vishen shares the strategies and frameworks he uses to design Mindvalley’s curriculum of best-in-class programs, many in collaboration with today’s preeminent authors and teachers.

Frequent questions


  • Is the price in dollars? A: Yes, it is value is in dollars (USD)
  • In what language is it? A: The course is in English
  • How much is the download size? A: 8.07 GB
  • Is the price for the full value of the course? A: Yes, you pay only once.
  • Do you have a Facebook group? A: There is no official group.
  • After making the payment … What should I do? A: After the purchase, you will receive a receipt of your purchase and the link of your product to the email that you put in the purchase form. You can also download your course in the same Store. See video tutorial below.

How to buy with PayPal and download in the store?


How to buy by credit card without having a Paypal account in the store?

Important:  The language of the course is English. All material is downloaded daily from Mindvalley and shared via a Google Drive link, where you can view and / or download the material. Screenshots of the Mindvalley platform are included so you can verify that all material delivered by mindvalley is delivered by us. See product images. Access to the group is not given in this course. See frequently asked questions. Once you have passed through the payment gateway, a download button will be enabled with the file (PDF) with the instructions to access your course in the same store. Also, the same pdf will be sent to your email as a backup once PayPal credits the payment.

All queries can be made to whatsapp chat. Just click the button and go from your mobile.






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