Business Freedom Blueprint by Eric Edmeades (complete)


A 6-Week Program That Revolutionizes Your Business Efficiency With Leading-Edge Entrepreneurial Tools For Supercharging Growth, Automating Key Tasks & Achieving Total Financial & Lifestyle Freedom.

What if you could reap all the rewards of entrepreneurial success – without any of the drawbacks?

From money and time freedom, to achieving a personal goal or mission: most people become entrepreneurs for similar reasons.

Yet the opposite often happens; as challenges like crippling anxiety, overwhelming workloads, and financial uncertainty twist the entrepreneurial dream into an entrepreneurial nightmare.

And so it’s no surprise that 50% of entrepreneurs shut down their businesses within five years or less –

While much of the remaining 50% often get stuck in an endless cycle of stress and struggle.

But does entrepreneurship really need to come with this heavy price?

Imagine owning a business that doesn’t shackle you, but instead sets you free.

A business and a passionate team that operates, grows, and earns for you on autopilot

That gives you the freedom to do more of what you love, and less of what you don’t…

And that you can easily step away from for weeks, months, or even years, so you can pursue other ventures, or even just spend more time on the beach.

International entrepreneur and business mentor Eric Edmeades refers to this dream setup as Business Freedom.

It’s a setup he’s perfected through decades of building wildly successful businesses in a variety of fields and industries.

And through a rigorously optimized framework of systems and processes, he’s designed a step-by-step process that any entrepreneur at any level can use to rapidly build a highly efficient and automated business.

This is The Business Freedom Blueprint. And it will forever transform your approach to business and life as an entrepreneur.

The Ultimate Business Transformation In Just 6 Weeks

The Business Freedom Blueprint is an online program towards automated wealth, lifestyle freedom, and limitless growth and impact – all by creating a highly efficient business.

The process itself is also incredibly efficient: you’ll join Eric Edmeades for just 20 minutes a day for six weeks, as he coaches and equips you with today’s best systems and tools for automating and optimizing your business.

The program is designed for entrepreneurs of all levels – regardless of where you’re at on your entrepreneurial journey, and where you want to be.

As you progress through the program, you’ll experience rapid breakthroughs in every aspect of creating Business Freedom: including your key internal processes, team and role management, marketing, and even your leadership skills.


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Eric Edmeades, Creator Of The Business Freedom Blueprint

Eric Edmeades is an award-winning international entrepreneur, bestselling author, and business mentor.

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As an entrepreneur, Eric has created extraordinary success in a diversity of fields – including military R&D, mobile computing, Hollywood special effects, and optimal nutrition through WILDFIT: Mindvalley’s bestselling wellness program that has transformed over 10,000 people worldwide.

But Eric’s gift isn’t just in building businesses – it’s also in empowering others to be exceptional entrepreneurs, change-makers, and human beings.

In 2018, Eric was awarded a medal by the Speaker of the Canadian Senate for his work in improving the quality of people’s lives.

Eric shares his remarkable entrepreneurship methodology for the first time ever in
The Business Freedom Blueprint: a program he’s designed to help entrepreneurs of all levels live, earn, and perform at their fullest potential by building businesses that provide total financial and lifestyle freedom.His achievements have also earned him an award from the Transformational Leadership Council: a panel of 150 of America’s top visionaries in health, wellness, and peak performance.

Trainer Credentials

  • Eric speaks on stages around the world with luminaries like Sir Richard Branson, Jack Canfield, John Gray, Robin Sharma, and President Bill Clinton, on subjects including entrepreneurship and human transformation.
  • Eric’s many specialties include holistic wellness and Behavioral Change Dynamics: a process that harnesses psychology and transformative language patterns to permanently rewire the human mind for peak performance. He also applies this methodology in his business training with founders and entrepreneurs.
  • Throughout his career, Eric has founded various business mentoring initiatives around the world: including Business Freedom Academy, Success Express Journal, Speaker Nation, young entrepreneur mentoring with the UK’s Prince’s Trust, and See You At The Top: a two-week business intensive that culminated in climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

What People Say About Eric Edmeades

«Every day you get to spend with Eric is like 10 years of stage experience»

Eric has an intuitive grasp of two important things: how to get your message out of you and how to get your message out to the world in the most effective way possible. Every day you get to spend with Eric is like 10 years of stage experience…
Read More

Marci Schimoff

Multi-best selling author of Happy for No Reason and Love for No Reason

“He is an all-round terrific guy who I am grateful to know”

Eric is one of the people I admire most for his ability to walk his talk. When he talks about success in business you know he achieved it. When he talks about overcoming challenges you know that he has faced them. He is an all-round terrific guy who I am grateful to know….
Read More

Daniel Priestly

Author of Becoming a Key Person of Influence

“Eric is one of the best speakers in the world”

Eric is one of the best speakers in the world. When he speaks, people change. If you want to live a compelling life, gain more personal freedom and achieve real personal success, Eric is the mentor for you….
Read More

Mike Southon

Best-selling Author and Financial Times Columnist

What You’ll Learn

  1. Be A Freedom-First Entrepreneur.

    The principles of Business Freedom are universal. Whatever your experience level, size, budget, or industry, you’ll discover how to build an optimized business that exceeds your entrepreneurial and financial goals, while giving you total lifestyle freedom.

  2. Grow & Scale Without Limits.

    To most entrepreneurs, business growth carries immense stress, risk, and uncertainty. But by applying the right tools and principles, you’ll gain a clear path to consistent and sustainable growth – without risking your company’s stability or your sanity.

  3. Multiply Your Income & Revenue.

    Create roles and processes that dramatically upgrade you and your team’s abilities, while amplifying your unique skills and passions. The result is more income and revenue, with less time and effort.

  4. Automate Your Business.

    Harness ingenious automation frameworks to free yourself from work you’d rather not be doing, while building a business that runs, earns, and grows by itself – even if you decide to take a month off, a year off, or even forever off.

  5. Maximize Your Entrepreneurial Success.

    Having Business Freedom also gives you the time and resources to grow yourself, set and achieve greater goals, make a bigger impact, and even build more great businesses. You’ll learn how to do all of this, without risking what you already have.

  6. Realize Your Ultimate Product Or Service.

    Does your product or service in its current form match the grand vision you have for it? Discover how to leverage your upgraded systems and processes to create, perfect, and market the best version of your offering to the world.

  7. Become An Exceptional Leader.

    Create a working environment that elevates you into the most effective and inspirational leader you can be. Work satisfaction, collaboration, and each team member’s personal growth will skyrocket under your watch.

  8. Build A Dream Team.

    From hiring to training to long-term growth and retention, you’ll gain tools and strategies to build and scale a team of invaluable A Players who share your passion and commitment to your company’s big mission.

The Curriculum

Explore The Business Freedom Blueprint Curriculum

The Business Freedom Blueprint is a six-week online program with international entrepreneur and business mentor Eric Edmeades.

In these six weeks, you’ll join Eric for just 20 minutes a day through in-depth training videos, as he equips you with the tools, frameworks, and processes for building a highly optimized and automated business.

What you discover in the program can be applied instantly both in your business, and in your life as an entrepreneur.

And once you complete it, you’ll emerge with a system you’ll use throughout your entrepreneurial journey to achieve and accelerate all your goals: professional and personal.

Program Name on multiple devices

Available on your Personal Computer, Tablet, Smartphone & Apple TV


As Eric says, “If you want a good business, study business. If you want a great business, work on yourself.” And so in your first week, you’ll focus on your own skill set and mindset as an entrepreneur, and how to show up as the leader, visionary, and human being your business needs you to be.

Highlights include:

  • Your Vision of Freedom: follow these steps to create a crystal-clear vision for your business and your life (this will serve as your ultimate compass and source of motivation, so you never get stuck wondering what to do or where to go).
  • Your role as the CEO (Chief Emotions Officer): developing mental toughness, setting the right intentions, and minimizing damaging emotional reactions are among your most important roles in your business. Here’s the easy way to embody these hard-to-find traits.
  • Cleaning up your act: apply this simple framework to free yourself from workplace addictions that are sabotaging your productivity, assaulting your mental health, and keeping you stuck doing work that doesn’t serve you or your business.
  • And much more.






Bonus Included When You Join Today

Bonus #1:

5x Business Freedom & Beyond Coaching Calls With Eric Edmeades

Upon completing the program, you’ll get exclusive access to a series of closed-door group coaching calls with Eric, plus recordings you’ll have permanent access to. Here he’ll take you deeper into a selection of key topics from the program, address your questions and challenges, and prime you for the best possible outcomes as you embark on your Business Freedom adventure. Eric usually charges thousands of dollars for just an hour of business consultations, making this bonus alone worth far more than the price of the program itself.

The 5x Business Freedom and Beyond Coaching Calls by Eric Edmeades bonus


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