Build Your Dream Community – Radha Agrawal


Join the founder of the global Daybreaker movement as you learn how to build a Dream Community that lights up your world with deep bliss, connection, and belonging

Radha Agrawal has built thriving global communities exceeding 500,000 members such as Daybreaker. In this program, she’ll guide you to create your own community of any size around your work, mission, or any idea.

6.6 hours OF TRAINING

This program is for anyone looking to build movements or communities around any idea, business, or value system.

Your people are out there, and they can’t wait to find you…

The people who make you feel alive.

The ones who light up your heart and soul with thrilling new possibilities.

The humans you could spend a lifetime dancing with, adventuring with, building movements and businesses with, and even changing the world with.

Every now and then you’ll find these special individuals at a weekend retreat. A work conference. A chance encounter. Or perhaps even at a Mindvalley event.

And in these magic moments, you realize you’re not alone. There are others just like you.

But often, life then gets in the way.

People get busy. The sparks fade. Once-deep connections are lost or weakened over time.

And once again, you find yourself searching for your people.

This program is about never having to search again.

Radha Agrawal is one of the world’s leading experts in community building.

Her global Daybreaker dance movement is home to over 500,000 members worldwide. Her community building frameworks are used everywhere from Boston University to Facebook to Adidas.

And in just 17 days, she’ll empower you with the skills, tools, identity shifts, and self-mastery for building your own curated Dream Community of extraordinary friends and allies that uplift you every day for a lifetime.

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A proven blueprint for building your Dream Community, deepening your social influence and friendships, and living in perpetual belonging and connection

Human connections – quality ones – are the secret ingredient to living and performing at your peak.

With a Dream Community by your side, you’re inspired and supported in thinking bigger. In doing your best work and making your fullest impact. In becoming a key mover, networker, and connector in your field. And in courageously following through with even your wildest dreams, as you uplift your allies in turn.

A Dream Community can be built in any size and configuration. It could be a global movement. An intimate local tribe. Or even a workplace collective with a shared culture and mission.

In the Build You Dream Community program, Radha guides you through her uniquely holistic formula for curating a community that’s tailor-made for you and your goals.

The first part of the formula – IBELONG – takes you inwards as you perform the inner work needed to rally your people.

I – investing your own history and happiness
B – belonging as a science
E – energizing your sense of connection
L – listening with kindness
O – owning your gratitude
N – needing your positive neurochemicals
G – going in with awe

And the second part – WEBELONG – sees you expanding outwards as you connect, nurture, and inspire others as you build your Dream Community.

W – way to flow
E – embodying functional happiness
B – belonging to your community
E – embracing connection and conflict
L – listen to your community with kindness
O – owning your collective gratitude
N – needing your positive neurochemicals
G – going out with awe

What you’ll gain from Build Your Dream Community

  1. Nurture your community or movement

    You’ll be guided through every step of finding and rallying your people: and nurturing them into a close-knit community united by shared values and a common mission. The process works for communities of any size and in any field.

  2. Amplify your joy and happiness

    Harvard’s famous study is one of many that show the power of human connections in creating lifelong happiness. And with your community by your side, you’ll have a constant source of joy and connection to draw from.

  3. Cultivate better friendships

    The skill set and tool set for building a community can also be applied to your friendships: inside and outside of your community. You’ll discover how to create and nourish meaningful friendships that nourish your soul and push you forwards.

  4. Overcome loneliness and isolation

    People on a path of transformation often experience loneliness, as they evolve beyond their old cliques and social circles. You’ll find out the best way to overcome this phenomenon, by building new friendships that match where you’re at and where you’re headed.

  5. Upgrade and expand your network

    As you build your community, you’ll also gain tools and frameworks for building professional networks with the key players in your work and mission. You’ll master the process of taking each of them first from acquaintance to trusted friend, and then to indispensable ally.

  6. Develop a more courageous and positive mindset

    The best side effect of being surrounded by extraordinary people is it irreversibly transforms your own thought processes and models of reality. You’ll awaken abilities and opportunities you never knew you had access to: and realize that what you once thought was impossible, isn’t.

  7. Upgrade your company culture

    By infusing your community building skills into your business or department, you’ll be able to rapidly enhance collaboration, productivity, and work satisfaction in every team member – and attract and retain the best people for the job and the mission.

  8. Gain a deeper sense of belonging

    Nurturing your community empowers you with a meaningful sense of belonging not only among your people: but in the many roles you play as a human being. You’ll become acutely aware of your worth, the gifts you have to offer, and the value you bring to others and the world.

  9. Become an amazing listener

    Making someone else feel like the most important person in the room is a priceless skill: and you’ll hone the empathy, intuition, and disposition to do just that in every conversation and encounter.

The Curriculum

Explore the Build Your Dream Community curriculum

Build Your Dream Community is a 17-day online program for nurturing your desired community and network, cultivating incredible friendships, and developing a deeper sense of joy and belonging.

Radha Agrawal herself is your mentor on this journey: and through daily 15 – 20 minute video lessons, she’ll guide you through every step of mastering the art of human connection for community building.

Build Your Dream Community takes you far deeper than your average networking program. It’s a holistic deep dive into the identity shifts, somatic exercises, mindsets, and even biochemicals you can harness to rapidly find, connect with, and rally your people.

And from your career and social life to your personal purpose and mission – the gifts you gain by the end of the program will serve you for a lifetime in every dimension of life where connection is the key to success.

Build Your Dream Community on multiple devices

Available on your Personal Computer, Tablet, Smartphone & Apple TV


Your quest for your dream community begins at a rather unexpected place: inside yourself. Because before you can nurture a safe, uplifting, and authentic environment for your community, it’s vital you first investigate your own programming. Your innermost drives and desires. And what you truly need to feel lifelong joy and belonging with yourself and others.

Daily highlights:

  • Day 1 (Investigation): you’ll explore your own personal history, and harness investigation and somatic exercises to discover your unique sources of courage, happiness, and truth.
  • Day 2 (Belonging): through psychology, journaling, and even song and dance, you’ll shift your fundamental understanding of and relationship with the basic human need of belonging.
  • Day 3 (Embrace Connection): with a tool known as the VIA Chart, you’ll get crystal-clear on your wants, your non-negotiables, and the kind of connections you want to create for your community.
  • Day 4 (Listen With Kindness): you’ll discover how to tune into the emotional frequency of yourself and others, and gain the ability to listen and connect with full presence and kindness.
  • Day 5 (Own Your Gratitude): through powerful mood-altering techniques (including the Hedonic Treadmill), you’ll harness the essence of gratitude to instantly shift your emotions, vanquish negativity, and project a glowing presence.
  • Day 6 (Need Your D.O.S.E): you’ll learn to control and optimize the four primary D.O.S.E brain chemicals that regulate your happiness and energy levels – so you can show up as the best you in every moment.
  • Day 7 (Go In With Awe): you’ll master the practice of living in ‘awe’ – a state where your endorphins are in flow, you have access to childlike states of wonder, and euphoria is always one conscious choice away.
  • Day 8 (Celebration & Review): after completing every step of Going In, it’s time to celebrate your achievements, reflect on your progress, and prepare for Part 2 where you’ll start focusing outwards.


With your inner work complete, next it’s time to channel your newfound confidence, clarity, and self-awareness into building your dream community. From connecting language and rituals, to creating a deep sense of belonging and gratitude – you’ll master every aspect of cultivating profound friendships, alliances, and partnerships that elevate every member into something far greater.

Daily highlights:

  • Day 9 (Way To Flow): you’ll use the CRAWL community building formula to define the key rituals, purpose, and boundaries of your community – and create a space where everyone’s superpowers flow freely.
  • Day 10 (Embody Functional Happiness): whether your community collaborates on work, projects, or shared goals, you’ll get powerful tools to conduct virtual meetings that maximize presence, productivity, and functional happiness.
  • Day 11 (Belonging Is A Science): you’ll be guided through a four-step process for acquiring and mastering the skill of belonging – which you can then use to get closer to your community and any community you join.
  • Day 12 (Embrace Connection & Conflict): you’ll learn how to not just manage and navigate conflict in your community – but transmute it into fuel for empathy and healing.
  • Day 13 (Listen With Kindness): you’ll explore the four most important elements to listen to in your community, and even experience an ancient Shong exercise that amplifies your sensitivity to the energies, desires, and passions inside you and around you.
  • Day 14 (Own Your Gratitude): you’ll discover how to channel empowering gratitude into each of the four phases of building your community – exploratory, participatory, outer core, and inner core.
  • Day 15 (Need Your D.O.S.E): in Part 1 you found out how to master the four key neurochemicals that shape your happiness and energy levels – and here you’ll learn how to do the same for your community.
  • Day 16 (Go Out With Awe): you’ll be guided through the Shinrin-Yoku method for designing peak events and experiences that leave your community in a state of bliss, closeness, and awe.
  • Day 17 (Celebration): it’s time to celebrate your graduation, lock in your path for the future, and envision your new life enriched by the power of your dream community.

About Radha Agrawal, your Dream Community coach

Radha Agrawal is a nine-figure entrepreneur, bestselling author and speaker, and luminary in the field of community building.

She is widely known as the founder of Daybreaker, a 500,000+ strong global dance tribe, built organically with zero ad spend and starting with just two questions:

“How do I find my people?”

“How do I create large and meaningful communities in the real world?”

Radha’s signature community building formula is highly sought-after among educational institutions and corporations – including Boston University, and top companies like Facebook, Adidas, and AARP.

It’s a skill she has also used to launch and invest in various nine-figure businesses in the wellness space, including THINX underwear with her twin sister Miki.

With the Build Your Dream Community program, Mindvalley is proud to present Radha as your very own community building coach, as you harness the same holistic tools used by the world’s biggest movements and organizations to nurture your very own tribe of people who uplift you in every way: professionally, personally, and even spiritually.

Trainer credentials

  • Radha’s bestselling book BELONG is widely used as a community building blueprint in universities and corporations worldwide, and is endorsed by various business and thought leaders including Deepak Chopra, Esther Perel, Tony Hsieh, and Mark Hyman.
  • Radha was named by MTV as “one of 8 women who will change the world” and has won numerous entrepreneurship awards and accolades on disruptive innovation.
  • Radha and her Daybreaker team opened for Oprah Winfrey at every stop of her sold out 9-arena national tour, leading over 155,000 people through a motivational movement experience.

The impact of your all-around transformation

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How many people are rich and successful, but sick? Or fit and full of life, but broke? With Mindvalley, you don’t need to sacrifice one area of life for another. Because you get best-in-class tools and guidance to ignite your brilliance every dimension. So you can be a superhero at work. Look like one too. Be one to your kids, family, and even the world. And truly have it all.

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You’ll join our global community of Changemakers: 95,000+ strong and growing every day. But these aren’t your average people: they’re high-impact entrepreneurs, brilliant artists, visionary thinkers, and deeply inspiring individuals committed to elevating themselves and the planet. And you’ll connect and grow with them every day through Membership-only events, face-to-face meetups, live workshops, and much more. In your city and around the world.

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