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Budokon is a holistic Mixed Movement Arts & Black Belt system which uses conditioning elements of yoga, mobility and calisthenics (including animal locomotion). It was created in 2001 by Cameron Shayne, who is Daniel’s friend and mentor.

Also Daniel comes from a martial arts (Muay Thai boxing) and a bodyweight training background. But it was only when his friend invited him to his first yoga class when he became interested in this slow and controlled style of movement.

He realized it’s a perfect counterbalance to the fast and explosive movements in martial arts, and the strong and demanding bodyweight training.

One thing led to another – Daniel ended up not only learning Vinyasa Yoga, but also training with Cameron and exploring his Budokon system that merges different types of movement foundations into gracefully performed flows.

Thanks to this course you will improve not only your mobility, agility, flexibility and strength, but also your stamina and body awareness – all in a playful way.

There will be 2 types of sessions: yoga and calisthenics (including animal locomotion). Some of them will be short and intense, others will be longer and focused on particular tasks (like increasing your strength or flexibility).

Daniel Geller Bio

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Hello and thank you for choosing this course.

My name is Daniel Geller.

I am certified by the Radiant Life Yoga School as a Vinyasa Yoga trainer.

I am also certified by the Budokon Academy as a Budokon Mixed Movement Arts trainer. This includes the practice of Yoga, Martial Arts, Calisthenics and Mobility Work.

Training yoga, calisthenics, martial arts or any kind of movement is in my opinion a great way of dealing with the requirements of our modern lifestyle. It is a way to find back to yourself in the middle of appointments, e-mails and tasks to perform.

I come from a martial arts background as I used to practice Muay Thai boxing and bodyweight training for years. When I met a friend of mine, who recently started his own journey in the yoga world, he invited me for my first yoga class. Within the first class, I became very interested in this slow and controlled style of movement. It became the perfect counterbalance to the fast and explosive movements in martial arts and the strong and demanding bodyweight training. I decided to undergo a Vinyasa training to have a deeper and better understanding about yoga.

Sometime after my vinyasa training, I wondered if there is a space to combine yoga with other ways of movement such as martial arts. This was when I met my friend and teacher Cameron Shayne, the founder of the Budokon Mixed Movement Arts System. A system that merges different types of movement foundations into fluently and gracefully performed movement flows. Cameron has been a great inspiration to me as a person and the way I see and perform movement.

Now, let’s start the course and meet me on the Mat



Frequent Questions


  • Is the price in dollars? A: Yes, it is value is in dollars (USD)
  • In what language is it? A: The course is in English
  • Is the price for the full value of the course? A: Yes, you pay only once.
  • What will I get when I buy in this Store? A: You will get the full course and  files that are stored in our own backup cloud.
  • After making the payment … What should I do? A: After the purchase, you will receive a receipt of your purchase and the link of your product to the email that you put in the purchase form. You can also download your course in the same Store. See video tutorial below.

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The course is in English and is delivered via google drive link. Once the purchase is credited, a button will be enabled in the same store to download the course in the same store and it will be sent to the email registered in the store.

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