10x Fitness – Lorenzo Delano & Ronan Diego de Oliveira (11 full weeks plus 11 recorded tutor attendance video calls)

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Gain Your Dream Body In Just Two 15-Minute Weekly Workouts By Harnessing The Latest Science In Muscle Stimulation


A Message From Vishen Lakhiani, Founder Of Mindvalley

The exercise protocol you’re about to see has the potential to dramatically transform humanity’s fitness and quality of life…

Put a ‘dream body’ within virtually anyone’s reach…

And even significantly increase our lifespans…

All in a way that’s far more efficient, easier, and faster than anything you’ve likely seen before it.

In fact, I believe so strongly in this protocol – known as 10x – that I’ve personally funded its research in various cities including Los Angeles, Barcelona, Tallinn, and Croatia. And on hundreds of participants including Mindvalley members, myself, and even my father.

Why? Because the results of 10x – and the shockingly small amount of time needed to enjoy those results – are nothing short of incredible.

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Meet Mary, One Of Our 10x ‘Test Subjects’ From The Mindvalley Community:

As you can see, Mary’s 10x transformation was amazing – but what’s even more amazing is that it took just 15 minutes of exercise, twice a week, for only 6 months.

Mary’s DEXA scan

This is Mary’s DEXA scan, which shows both a profound reduction in body fat (the red sector) and increase in muscle mass (the blue sector) within just 6 months of using 10x, twice a week. This dual effect of fat loss and muscle growth – known as body recompositioning – is considered the gold standard in any fitness protocol (most fitness routines only result in one of the two).

More Transformational Stories

Vishen's Transformation

This Is My Personal 10x Transformation

I started working out with 10x in 2016 (I’m already slim here because I was doing WILDFIT, Mindvalley’s optimal nutrition protocol). As you can see, my body started changing dramatically in just a few weeks – and kept getting better and better. Remember: just 15 minutes a workout, twice a week.

Jason's Transformation

What 10x Did To Mindvalley Team Member Jason Campbell

The leftmost photo is how Jason started out. The second photo is Jason after shedding body fat with WILDFIT, Mindvalley’s optimal nutrition protocol. The third photo is Jason after 6 months of 10x. Note the dramatic change in his muscle mass and definition.

In Case You Didn’t Catch That:

It’s Just 15 Minutes A Workout, Twice A Week… For The Biggest Physical Transformation Of Your Life

Under any other circumstance, a claim like that would be hyperbole: a lofty promise designed to reel in those seeking results without effort.

And yet the transformations we’ve seen from the 10x approach are so consistent, and so remarkable, that we’re more than happy to put Mindvalley’s reputation on the line to make it.

Especially because 10x rewards you with not just the most functional and attractive physique of your life –

But also extraordinary levels of time, freedom, health, and vitality to perform at your fullest potential and realize your goals in every other dimension of life beyond fitness.

All without the need for endless hours of workouts, expensive equipment or personal trainers, or even a compulsory gym membership.

As you’re about to discover, the conventional approach to fitness is now obsolete. Because you now have a way to gain (and easily exceed) all the benefits of regular intensive exercise, in a tiny fraction of the time and effort – so you can focus more time and energy on what really matters to you.

How? Let me start by showing you…

The Story Of My Ridiculously Fit Colleague (Who Hardly Works Out)

Vishen and Lorenzo

Meet Lorenzo Delano: an exercise physiologist and educational psychologist who’s helped design many of Mindvalley’s most successful programs.

Lorenzo is an absolute genius, and he’s also one of the fittest people I know. I mean, look at those arms.

Before I knew Lorenzo better, I assumed he was your typical “fitness junkie” who’d spend most days at the gym, grunting at his own reflection for hours on end.

I only found out the truth one day in 2016, thanks to a client meeting we were attending that got delayed.

Instead of going back to his desk, Lorenzo told me he was stepping out for his bi-weekly workout.

“But we’re starting in 30 minutes,” I said. “Are you sure you have time?”

He walked away and was back in 22 minutes, grinning at me.

“Are you done?” I asked in confusion. “You don’t look like the kind of guy who only works out a few minutes at a time.”

And that was the day I realized most of what I thought I knew about fitness and exercise was utterly wrong.

How Conventional Fitness Fails People

The problem with the standard approach to working out is obvious: it’s just too much sacrifice for almost everyone.

Because how many people are able to (or want to) spend hours and hours each week, doing repetitive exercises at the gym or on the yoga mat?

It’s no surprise that 90% of gym-goers quit within the first 3 months. Or that 1/3 of people who buy exercise programs never even use them.

And with the amount of ineffective fitness routines in the market, you could rough it out for months or years – and still not see any tangible or lasting results.

I should know, because that was my story too. I spent years trying to get fit. I joined a gym. I got a personal trainer. I experimented with barbells and endurance training. I bought celebrity-endorsed exercise programs from late night infomercials.

Yet even after countless buckets of sweat, crippling injuries, and endless hours of time I’d rather have spent with my family or colleagues, I still felt shy taking my shirt off at the beach. And I still looked and felt older than I wanted to.

And so you can imagine my relief when Lorenzo showed me how my problem wasn’t with me – but with the flawed approach to exercise that needlessly demands so much of our precious time and energy.

But most importantly, he also showed me a far better approach: one that has rapidly and dramatically transformed my body – and the bodies of countless others – in exchange for no more than a lightning-fast 15-minute workout, twice a week.

This approach is what is now known as 10x.

Lorenzo's transformation

Lorenzo self-documented his own body’s incredible transformation when he switched from regular working out for hours a week to 10x.

But Wait – How Can Exercising So Little Transform You So Much?

The First Step Is To Know The 6 Big Myths About Fitness… That Force You To Spend Too Much Time On Ineffective Exercises With Minimal Results:


The average fitness program gives you a set of exercises to work on – then instructs you to keep doing them, while gradually increasing your number of sets and repetitions to the point of exhaustion.

And while this advice isn’t fundamentally wrong, it also fails to focus on what should be the primary objective of those exercises – which is to trigger an evolutionary mechanism in your body, known as the adaptive response, that gives you the physical transformations you’re looking for when you work out (more on this in just a moment).

This results in too much needlessly wasted time and energy, and even injury. And the all-too-familiar feeling that you’re putting in all that work, without seeing any tangible outcomes to show for it.

The Truth:

Optimal fitness is about knowing how to work out. More specifically, it’s about activating a key evolutionary mechanism in your body, known as the adaptive response, that commands your body to get stronger, fitter, faster, and more resilient, in a short space of time.

The adaptive response phenomenon can be traced back to our prehistoric ancestors, who in trying to escape predators would scramble up trees, leap over chasms, and swim to safety in order to survive. Their bodies were forced to quickly adapt, or pay the ultimate price.

In the modern world, this same survival mechanism can be triggered safely and efficiently through exercise – provided it’s the right kind of exercise, with the right level of intensity, resistance, and tension on your muscle fibers.

99% of exercise routines simply aren’t designed to take you to that adaptive response threshold. 10x is, in as little as 60 seconds each time. That is why all you need is 15 minutes a workout, twice a week.


Committing a mountain of time to exercise can seem like a rite of passage to anyone who wants to get fit. Almost everywhere you look, you’re told to spend many hours a week in the gym or the studio in order to see any kind of result.

And while certain parts of doing this can be satisfying – especially if you enjoy activities like yoga or sports – many people struggle to find the time and motivation to stay consistent over the long run.

The good news is, science now shows us that hours of weekly exercise is completely unnecessary in the context of getting fit. It’s similar to spending a whole day at work stuck in pointless meetings and discussions, instead of doing the work that matters.

Chart on adaptation window (untrained: genetic potential)

The Truth:

One of the biggest problems with working out for hours a week is that you’re going to quickly reach your genetic ceiling: which is the amount of muscle your body is naturally capable of taking on.

Before that genetic ceiling is reached, extended periods of working out will give you a very slight edge in the short term compared to an optimized adaptive response-focused approach like 10x. But as you can see in the chart below, within six months or less, that advantage vanishes:

In other words, within just a few short months, using the 10x protocol to work out twice a week for 15 minutes a session, will give you comparable (or even better) results than spending hours a week in the gym.

And so the question is: do you want to spend all that additional time working out if you don’t have to? Or would you rather invest that time elsewhere, without compromising any of your fitness goals?






A Special Message For People Over 40

Source: Research Gate

Source: Research Gate

Loss of muscle mass with aging

Loss of muscle mass with aging causes a variety of complications that compound over time. Source: Science Direct

It’s a statistical fact that most people will experience a rapid degradation in health after 30. Much of this boils down to a condition known as sarcopenia: which typically causes the body to 3 – 5% of skeletal muscle mass per decade after 30, and 1 – 2% per year after 50.

This loss adds up over the years, which is why falling down is the leading cause of death in older Americans – it’s because our muscles get so weak, they can’t even support our weight.

In recent years, sarcopenia has also come to be regarded as a progressive disease associated with metabolic syndrome, diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and cardiovascular disease.

But remember that this situation is completely avoidable – provided you start using the right exercises now to preserve and strengthen your muscles.


A generally active lifestyle is shown to increase the human lifespan by 3 – 5 years. But by using a resistance training protocol like 10x, you increase your healthspan too – to the point where it’s possible to have the body of a healthy 50-year-old, even when you’re 80.

The Story Of Mary(How A 40 Year Old Women Reversed Her Age)

If Vishen’s 70+ Year Old Dad Can Do It, So Can You

How 10x Transforms You In Ways Other Fitness Programs Can’t

  • Total Transformation In 15 Minutes A Workout, Twice A Week

    Triggers your body’s adaptive response mechanism to multiply your strength, endurance, vitality, mobility, and longevity in a tiny fraction of the usual time.

  • Maximum Results With Minimal Effort

    Combines the optimal level of high intensity workouts with the right amount of recovery time and even the right nutrition for recovery, so you only ever need to exercise for a few minutes at a time.

  • Optimal Weight & Muscle Mass On Autopilot

    Increases your muscle composition and basal metabolic rate, so you’re far less vulnerable to unwanted weight gain and muscle loss (you even gain more freedom to enjoy food).

  • Superior Injury Resistance

    Conditions you to focus not just on sets and reps, but on adaptive response and pacing, timing, and breathing – so you’re less prone to muscle tears, damaged joints, and other exercise injuries.

  • Freedom From Ineffective Cardio

    Improves all your markers of health and fitness, without the need for boring, time-consuming cardio workouts that often do more harm than good.

  • Freedom To Exercise On Your Terms

    Gives you the option of working out at the gym, or at home using simple equipment that doesn’t cost a bomb or take up much space.

  • Upgrade Your Body The Way You Want

    Upon completing 10x, you’ll have total freedom to customize your workouts to fit your personal objectives – like focusing on specific body parts, increasing overall strength, and so on..

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